Sam B. under the bar!!!!

W.O.D. 10.6.09
Push Jerk

AMRAP in 5 Minutes
3 Power Cleans (65#/95#)
5 Push Jerks (65#/95#)
7 Snatch Balance (65#/95#)

Heaving Snatch Balance...[wmv] [mov]

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Kara 70
Jeff 155x4
Kristen 85x2
Jason 185x3
Aimee 130x4
Mike F. 175x4
Nikki 130x2
Swine 175x5
Lisa 105x3
Curin 120x5
Chris P. 165
Meg 90
Miranda 120x1
Ray 155x4
Liz 80x4
Mike L. 125x4
Westwood 115 ?
Sam 215x3
Sam B. 155
Trisha 80 ?
Laura 100x1
Cate 145x1


Appalachian Athlete said...

First, congrats to Megan and Nikki on their Level 1s. The more kick-ass girls the better. Things here in State College are good, but the lack of equipment and hard-working partners has put a crimp in my motivation. I know.. Excuses, excuses...

Anyway, I should have a garage by the end of the month, so I need some help from the CFKoP Crew as I put together my own garage gym.

1 - Evan: I made two 20" plyo boxes according to the free directions from the Journal (came out nice, BTW, and not too difficult). They don't mention putting any furring strips or 1x2s inside so that you can stack them and jump on them, but I know you do that. Any tips or hints? If I stack them and jump on them now I may never get them apart!

2 - Ray: What was the website you mentioned for kettlebells? Similar in design to Pavel's but cheaper?

3- Anybody else have any good tips for picking up cheap CF-worthy gear? Still need a barbell, bumpers, and eventually some shoulder racks.

4 - Amy: what's the going price for rubber horse-mats?

Miranda said...

When you made your pumpkin custard last year, how much pumpkin did you use?


Howdy Doug!

Jason Lyons said...


We get a lot of the equipment at Christian's Fitness Factory is Lancaster. They have discount just about everything.

1) Kettlebells are $1.00 a pound
2) A set of bumpers (45-35-25-10) runs around $300.00
3) They have nice Oly barbells for $180.00
4) They have generic Dynamax balls and every weight is $60.00
5) Horsemats run around $35.00 each

Check them out online. Good luck.

Jen S. said...

Is it proven that stress makes you hungry and crave sugar??? Because I'm slowly making up for that sugar free challenge month...not good. :(

Can't wait for Friday to be over!!

Evan said...

Take the tops off and lightly stack the boxes on top of one another. Draw a line around the interior of the top box using the box its stacked on. Separate them and screw in some scrap peices of plywood on the lines on all four sides (use some good size pieces and don't be afraid of using too many screws). Then put the tops back on and Voila! The boxes should stack and not get stuck (unless they are not square!)

Evan said...

Gotta hang in there!! Try getting rid of the stress, got a monkey on your back try giving it to someone else (don't go killin your boss or anything like that, althoughg that would be a big stress reducer for lots of people)
If you get a sweet craving try some water with fresh lemon slices and some stevia or reward yourself with a peice of chocolate (make sure its 70% or higher)
Good Luck!!

Miranda said...

I would like to try Diane on Thursday if anyone would like to join me. If not, another WOD that includes HSPU. I need to work on them.

Appalachian Athlete said...

Hello Miranda! Hello Jen!

Thanks Evan and Jason: That's the kind of good info i've come to expect! Looks like I'll be making a side-trip to Lancaster shortly.


Aimee Lyons said...

Hi Miranda- I used about 3/4 of a cup and follwed the rest of Evan's recipe for the Cottage Custard.

Jeff said...

I'm going to do Grace on Thursday open gym if anyone wants to join in.

Ray said...


I love my lifeline KB. Mike Mahler uses them almost exclusively. Dimensions very similar to Pavel's and nice grip for reps. Not slick, but not rough. I don't need chalk. I am buying a second 35 ($85 shipped) and a 53 ($105 shipped). Excellent price for a quality bell. They also carry some other very cool bodyweight stuff.

Rogue Fitness has a very nice site with quality bars that will not fall apart and they have nice low priced bumpers. You might get better pricing at Christians for a decent bar and bumpers, but I would compare to Rogue. You won't find better equipment and pricing than Christians or Rogue.

I am also getting a set of Rogue's Rings. Rogue also sells Ader KB's which are nice but have a slicker finish. Comparably priced as lifeline. I had KB's narrowed down to these two. Best match between price, quality, and reputation. Rogue also sells CrossFit Packages that are worth looking at and could save you a few dollars.

Gotta get a med ball too. Dynamax is pricey but quality. Christians has cheaper brands, but I can't attest to the quality.



Jim Curran said...

Yo Doug,

N ot the same without you here in the KOP (actually the Port as my wife calls it). Come see us next time you get down here and good luck with Crossfit State College

Nikki said...

Cate - Awesome job on the 145# PJ!!

Jason Lyons said...

Does anyone know links describing what weights you should be able to push with PJ's and SJ's? I can split 50 more pounds than I can push and I have heard that this is indeed backwards and I am trying to find out more. Anyone?

Ray said...


Everything I found indicates that the "general rule" is that most people will be able to SJ more that they can PJ, but that is not an absolute and it varies from person to person. If you have great flexiblity and can do awesome OHS, then you may very well be able to PJ more than a SJ since you can drop under the bar easier than say someone like....me. I don't have the numbers, but I am pretty sure that I can SJ more because it allows me to drop under easier than a PJ. I think you can generate more upward power with the PJ, so if you are able to combine that with a nice redip under the bar, then you will probably get more with a PJ. Bottom line, it probably depends on the person.

Ray said...


Coach B gives the clinic here. Squatter or Splitter? I am undoubtedly a splitter. You may have to log on.


Chris P. said...

don't know what my 1 RM PJ is, but I did 165x5 PJ and felt that was about right. My 1 RM SJ is 205 about a month ago and for me, it feels much more stable than a PJ (my OHS's suck)

Chris P. said...

this isn't scientific but explains 3 different "jerks." It makes sense to call our "push jerk" a "power jerk" (esp. if we're saying things like power clean, power snatch, etc) This guy can split 375 but power jerks (or push jerks) 310. Yea, I wish!


it seems like the split allows for more room to adjust and move your feet for stability. It requires a LOT of skill to land under the bar in a stable power or full squat position, probably the reason why we can do more with the split.

Jason Lyons said...

i was doing the moves at dinner last night talking to aim and i find that when you do a push jerk, your back can feel very ackward since you are in a partial squat while maintaining your lumbar. in this position, a lot of pressure is being placed on your back.

however, in a split, i feel your back is in a more neutral position. i do not know if the word neutral is correct but it is a lot easier to maintain your lumbar in a split position. in general, i also feel a LOT more stable in a split position so i feel that my doing more in that manner physically makes sense...it is not just in my head.