Ring Pull-ups.

Rock solid form Joe A!!!

W.O.D. 10.18.09
Front Squat

and then...
3 Rounds for time of:
10 Ring Pullups
10 Goblet Squats

(The Goblet squat uses a kettlebell and is useful in developing a good full range of motion squat. The kettlebell is held out away from the body at chin level with the elbows slightly flexed. The weight of the bell counter balances the body and allows the lifter to achieve a much more upright position. The weight out front also forces the body to engage the posterior chain more keeping the lumbar curve much tighter than with out the load. It replicates the front squat.)

Check this out:
Gillian Mounsey will attempt 100 Muscle-ups in 1 hour (Operation Pull for Hope) at CrossFit Long Island City (NY) on Nov 14th.

Bring your mats back!!!!

"Strength is the product of struggle"
- Unknown

Results: FS/KB weight/time
Sam 255/ 70# 3:35
Scott 185/ 45# 3:30
Chris P. 245/ 55# 3:33
Giina 55/ 30# 3:47
Lisa 155/ 45# 4:27
Kristin 125x1/ 35#/RR 3:52
Maura 50/ 20#/RR 3:42
Aimee 165x2/ 55# 4:29
Swine 190/ 45# 4:26
Jason 260/ 70# 6:02
Joe A. 275x2/ 70# 6:16
Mike F. 235x1/ 55# 6:38
Megs 125/ 35#/RR 2:57


Nikki said...

Worst thing ever - going out dancing with your friends and seriously not being able to dance b/c your quads are BURNING from filthy fifty and Mary. Yup, true story ;)

Swine said...

The question is, if you don't show up at 9 or 10 will it be the quads or the fact that it is 1 am and your still clubbing be the cause.

Nikki said...

Both! And why were you posting at 2:48am?!?

Ray said...

Home Stength & Metcon WOD:

210# Bench Press
410# Leg Press
35# KB Press
Yeah, I know, leg presses are lame and bench presses are not far behind, but I had to use what I had.

500M Row
3 Rounds of
Ten 35# KB Goblet Squats
Ten 35# KB Swings
33 Sit Ups + 1 for an even 100
500M Row
Time: 13:11

Swine said...

I was making sure didn't have to post your bail. I know how those bachlorette parties go.