Chris P....way to fight to the finish!

Jerry working hard to perfect the squat clean.

W.O.D. 10.6.09
Squat Cleans (95/135)
Ring Dips

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Dave Tate on Fran - CrossFit Journal Preview - video [wmv] [mov]

Envy is a waste of time.
~Author Unknown

Steph 14:49 (35#)
Sam 9:52 Rx
Aimee 9:44 Rx
Meg 13:01 (65#)
Jerry 23:33 (75#)
Steve 13:44 (35#)
Laura 14:30 (65#)
Jason 10:11 Rx
Nikki 13:52 Rx
Sam B. 11:52 (95#)
Chris P. 13:41 Rx
John K. ? (105)
JZ modified WOD 10:18
Curin 10:13 (85#)
Miranda 12:37 (85#)
Mike B. 13:21 Rx
Todd 14:11 (115#)
Shawn ? (135#)
Jerry 23:33 (75#)
Steve 13:44 (35#)
Jim 15:10 (125#)
Dave 17:10 (80#)
Kevin 18:47 (35#/65#)
Murph 16:15 (95#)


Joe A said...

Anyone read the below...I think crossfit kop is one of the better gyms.


Nikki said...

Yeah I read that last night too. A "friend" sent it to me... I agree that there's alot of variation between gyms, and the "quality control" aspect appears to be lacking. Like the article said, it's a result of the fact that it's so easy to get cert-ed and open a box. But that's where my agreeing with the author ends.

At the CrossFit 101 talk in July, someone asked Glassman directly about how he ensures quality CF trainers and boxes. Glassman said he doesn't worry about it too much, because it's mostly self-regulating. Meaning, a really bad coach isn't going to gain a lot of new members, and the box will ultimately fail. We all go to CrossFit KOP because we have one of the best coaches there is. It's why the box is growing at such an incredible rate. We choose to not go to other local gyms (no names mentioned) because we dont like their style.

I guess I do feel bad for anyone living in a more remote area where there is only 1 box in driving distance, and that box may not be up to the standards we enjoy at CF KOP. It does bother me that those boxes can give people the wrong idea of what CrossFit it all about. Then again, the CF revolution started in garages across the country... there's not much quality control there either. Glassman is spreading the word about the "right way" to work out, and it's up to each individual athlete to take that knowledge and apply it. If you can't find a quality box nearby, there's always the CF main page and your garage...

Jason Lyons said...

I read this as well and it is a bit disheartening to me. Here are a couple random thoughts.

1) Everyone has a different goal when they step foot in a gym. There are some people that like CrossFit in its many forms and there are some people that would rather focus on strength training and things of that nature. Ultimately, you discover where you feel comfortable and you find a gym that offers that. There is no right or wrong here. Both systems can coexist and there is a need for both systems.

2) To an extent I do agree that it is a bit scary that anyone with 2k can open an affiliate and at times I think there should be harder requirements so that quality training is being offered everywhere. There are, however, counter points to this...A) Bad trainers will lead to bad gyms which will lead to closed gyms. B) Glassman has asked publically how people would get their start if they needed to pass a bunch of tests first. There are numerous quality gyms out there that are led by people with a L1 Cert. I do not know the author but I am curious as to what their background was before starting their gym? Were they trained in sports medicine, were they a certified personal trainer, do they have a degree in kinesiology? I feel the more important thing is being a student of learning and continually trying to improve your training and knowledge of what you are teaching.

Jason Lyons said...

3) I am not an elitist so I do not put much value on someone's Fran time, Diane time or deadlift. I am more impressed and happy when someone says to me, wow, you look like you lost a few pounds. I like hearing that someone that I trained can now pick up their grandchildren without pain and they can sit in their favorite chair again. I love seeing someone squat lower every week and overcoming their own fears on a daily basis after they were told they would never walk again. These are the successes from which we should be measured, not the number of people in the gym that can press 125x5. There are some men that may never get there and they will die perfectly happy.

4) CrossFit says it is forging elite fitness. The training is elite, meaning that it is better than bicep curls and lat pulldowns. I do not remember CF saying forging elite athletes? Some people, largely related to genetics, will become elite athletes by performing these workouts. Others will simply improve their day to day life by performing acts that will increase their power output, allowing them to pick up groceries and grandchildren more easily. The people in this second group can train as hard as they want and have the best coaches more can buy and it still may be impossible to be considered "elite". I find it elitist to be upset to be associated with someone because they are at a lower level than I am and I would have no respect for someone that can beat all of my times that saw me as inferior. It is not always about yourself, but rather seeing improvement in others and helping them get better. I am curious how the author trains someone that has to scale a weight? Do they insist they do the prescribed weight, thereby increasing the liklihood of injury or do they admit that everyone is at a different level with the goal of improving. I would imagine the latter is the answer and I am curious how that is so different from what they seem to oppose in not being elite?

5) The comment related to Speal is laughable. Firstly, the man can dead over 375 and secondly, this is nearly 3x bodyweight. How is that not considered elite by anyone's standard? Also, the comment that he did not learn from last year is dead wrong. Speal could not perform heavy clean and jerks at the games two years ago and went on to train them as is evident because thwy were in a workout in his regional qualifier... an event that he destroyed the competition.

6) Again, I see it unnecessary to bash local affiliates. Granted everyone trains differently and some people stay in a zone where they are comfortable. Ultimately the customer will decide what is right for them. I find it absurd that I should force someone into thinking that how I teach is the right way. If they like it and see results, they will come back, if they do not, they will try something else and see if that works. As the saying goes, you can show a horse to water but you can't make them drink.

Just my two cents

Jason Lyons said...

also, glassman is not overly concerned with the "elite" athlete. i feel he is more concerned about the elderly and sickly and improving their lifestyle. this is why he is working within the medical community and why you see videos on the main page of WWII vets doing variations of the workouts.

Megs said...

Awesome job by Jerry for sticking with the squats today!!

Swine said...

my 2 cents

First off the minute the article lost me was when he decided to start insulting the people that go to crossfit espically women. I agree with the first paragraph about the certification but when the derogatory descriptions and name calling start you no longer have any validation in your argument.

Another thing is crossfit is for me and me only I have seen improvements I never would have seen anywhere else. I do this for me first when it comes to my personal training. I also woulf not have any of you amazing people in my life in not for Crossfit.

Last thing is that the workout is also geared to first responders ie policemen military and firefighters. If crossfit greatly benefits helping them resuce a person in a fire or pull one of their brothers out of a firefight I say keep doing it and to hell with what others say. The person you are rescuing and yourself are the most imprtant and how achieve that is up to you.

Anonymous said...

ok so knowing only a little about crossfit compared to most of you. i read the article and ...all i had to read was the words "homosexual pedophile" put together to know that this guy is not the kind of person that I would agree with.

Oh and if you believe in something, really believe in it...you WANT it to get MAINSTREAM, you don't give it up when it becomes cool to the masses. Unless of course you are still in high school :-) Maybe now that the crossfit organization is going mainstream, franchise practices need to change. With growth, comes change.

So far Crossfit KoP is the best experience I have ever had with my body. And I TRULY look forward to my ON days. In the past I have "felt good" after a workout, but never have i waited anxiously for the next day to do it! And its not only because of the prescribed type of fitness practices or the intoxicating feeling of accomplishment afterwards. It's also the culture of support that is apparent from the first WOD. Do you think i could ever do this if that culture did not exsist...not a chance! I feel a little silly about my enthusiasm because i tend to think that you and my family and friends might think its premature to have such enthusiam before I have seen major results (although i see results) or before I stick with it for a descent amount of time. But Its BECAUSE of the fact that i don't need the results or time first, that makes me enthusiastic. At each WOD I meet my goal (and if you don't know this yet, its not "to lose weight") of being in the present moment, loving and enjoying my body!Thanks Aimee...I am ecstatic that your passion is a reality 5mins from my home!

so now I have gone off on my own tangent..oh well...Thanks for letting me get that out!

Thanks Swine for today...once again your attention and support is appreciated.

Jeff said...

I was struck by how similar the Greyskull gym article was to hundreds, if not thousands, of similar comments/thoughts about martial arts studios of every different type. Lots of focus on "elite" and how different schools aren't accredited properly or don't teach properly. The quality of instruction, focus on form, and attention to the needs of the student are key things that determine how successful the students/athletes will ultimately be, and how successful the business will be. Crappy instruction leads to a crappy business, especially for CrossFit or martial arts studios, no getting around it. People get long-term results in many areas of life, not just shoulder presses, by good coaching on nutrition and all aspects of performance, from technique to attitude. Every student will perform differently, and as Jason so eloquently pointed out, the emphasis is on elite fitness, not elite athletes.

There are a lot of great athletes out there, but many fewer great teachers/coaches. Quality of instruction, attention to the students needs and progress, and the overall experience weeds out the inferior businesses and boxes, just as with GloboGyms or karate places. Not wanting to be associated with CrossFit because other boxes are not run properly, or have bad coaches, literally begs the question as to why he wouldn't use this variable quality as a marketing tool to emphasize how his box is better with regards to quality of instruction, long-term success of athletes, etc.

It really sounds like the same whining that many karate studios have done. Enough already, there's too many fun and challenging things to do in the world to waste time whining and complaining.

Oh, and based on his logic, get rid of most school sports programs since most of the kids won't be elite athletes, and the coaches aren't all world-class athletes who have 20+ years of training and experience...

Anonymous said...

Meg i found the website for the farm in Plymouth meeting

Hannah said...

aim, is open gym still on for tomorrow?

Aimee Lyons said...

Yep han-Open gym tomorrow from 5-7pm.

Evan said...

Just thinking about you...


Megs said...

Thanks, Steph!

Ray said...

Well, I am not destined to become "elite", but I can and will get better every day. I may choose to go to an Oly cert, BB cert, or KB cert merely to improve myself by trying to learn something from from some of the experts that I admire, not to teach it or make a buck off it. I may strive to do a Masters Games in a couple of years because I can.

In the end, market forces will determine if a box will survive or not. Folks will leave if the place or the coaching sucks, and this shit is too hard to continue to do without proper coaching.

This guy may have a point or two, but he sounds like he himself is an elitist who would prefer to operate in the "underground" with the chosen few without helping those that can improve their performance and physical capability by several hundred percent.

Bottom line, CrossFit works for me. I love my box, my coaches, and the folks I train with.......damn it, I hate it when Jarheads get emotional. Drop and give myself 50 Burpees!!!!

jen said...

did anyone see the full moon this week?

Aimee Lyons said...

jen. i did.

Ray said...

Yes, at around midnight on Sunday when I had to chase down my two Jack Russel Terriers who went after a fox that was howling at it.

Patti said...

I also had a fox on my front lawn howling as well!! My beagle scared it away.

Laura Pappas said...

Wow this workout was harder than I thought it would be. Amazing all the people that RX'd that was heavy weight! Thanks to Paul, Nikki, and Jason for all of their coaching help and observations on my less than perfect form for the squat cleans...