W.O.D. 10.20.09
Push Press

Weighted Pull-up

Prowler Workout with Rob Orlando - video [wmv] [mov]

"Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you"
- Ovid

Patti: 70x2 - Kipping Practice
Kelly: 80x2 - Kipping Practice
Cate: 135x3 - 61
Nikki: 125 - 40
Jerry: 170 - 71
Eric: 150 - 40
Swine: 180 - 65
Jason: 195x2 - 61
Sam: 205 -
Megs: 80x2 -
Chris P: 175 - 110
Jen S: 105 -
Trisha: 90 -
Jeff: 165 - 45
Cindy: 95 -
Tom P: 115 - 40
Miranda: 120 - 18
Nicole: 105 - 5
Lisa: 130 - 40
Laura: 100 -
Mike B: 210 - 40
Mike H: 215 - 60
Kristin: 90 -
Lise: 100 -
Jim C: 185 - 50


Nikki said...

if anyone feels like running tomorrow, i'm hoping to squeeze in a 3-4 mile run before or after one of the wods. i know a few of you said you're interested in getting back into running, so let me know! i'm totally flexible on timing and pace

Laura Pappas said...

Hey I might be in, not sure of my schedule yet. What time/where you thinking 4 miles on the river trail?

Jason Lyons said...

i think you should practice your double unders instead of running. yeah i said it...what? LOL.

Jen S. said...

those are neat pics!! love 'em :)

Nikki said...

Haha- Jason I think you're right! I'll do those too :) Seriously i'm going to get back to working on those every day b4 class. I used to but let it go.

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

Jason - after reading your comment from last night's L2 -

I think you should practice your HSPU instead of running. (Oh wait, maybe I meant to say you should practice your HSPU AND running.) Oooohhhhh... yeah I said it! LOL

CF has many different components and skills, and obviously we all have specific things that we're not as good at. I thought I had met the basic standard for DU by being able to do about 15-20 in a row. After yesterday's WOD, the bar has been raised, and I'll work to meet it.

I just dont think it's fair to minimize in any way the effort of those who did SU yesterday, provided each person was truly giving 100% during the WOD. Being able to do 30DU is a VERY specific skill. Had I insisted on Rx-ing yesterday, it would have turned the WOD into more of a skill day for me. I would have had alot of standing around time, trying to catch my breath and attempt another set. Personally I'd had one of those days when I just needed to get some WORK done. I knew a couple hundred KB swings would do alot more to clear my head than wrestling with the jump rope to get a couple DU rounds in.

Anyway, point taken that I need to work on DUs. I just had to note the irony that only 1 blog discussion away you're upset about not getting an Rx next to your name b/c there was a very specific skill (HSPU) that you had trouble with. I hope you see my point... and I hope to see you working HSPU while I do my DUs today before practice! :)

Jerry said...

Hey Nikki I am up for a run... not sure what time your thinkn but let me know....

Miranda said...

Nikki ~ I need to practice my DU and HSPU, I'll be at the box by 5pm hopefully. What time are you planning on running?
I attempted the DU for the 10min time and each time would get to about 25-28 and then trip up. Last night was difficult and def. took skills.

Jason Lyons said...

now now. obviously i hit a nerve and i am sorry for that. my post to you was in jest, just poking fun to encourage you in the future, as a friend, not a coach.

i will try to address some of your points.

1) regarding the rx near my name. it is again in jest and i know that is hard to pick up in text. i just like busting aimee as well and i wrote that because as soon as i finished the workout, she was busting me for my rom since my time was within 10 minutes of hers. it was more of an inside joke and it obviously came across incorrectly. when i was doing the workout, as soon as i got to hspu, i mentioned to the class that my rom had been thrown out of the window. i am extremely cognizant that my presses are one of my greatest weaknesses and i do work on them, more recently with sam's help as it is one of his greatest strengths.

2) i do not feel that i belittled anyone's effort in the class that did single unders...at all. i think that everyone did a great job in the class. i did however, point out several people and i thought i explained clearly why.

liz: for being honest with herself and the class. it is very easy to get to 29 and say, eh it was 30 and count the round and liz did not do that. i was proud of her for that and i let everyone know.

jeff/jen: please do not imply that i think you look at the score and care only about that because that is NOT my intention. saying that, i was proud of jeff and jen because they struggled through the double unders trying to get them and did not care if they posted a zero or one for the wod. previously to yesterday, i do not think that jeff nor jen had ever strung 30 together in a row. that is the EXACT point of the workout, to break through that barrier which brings us to sam.

sam: in the beginning sam was really struggling with double unders and could not string them together. he would get 12 or 15 and hit his feet. he kept trying and then he would get one round and then mess up a few more times. however, at something like 12 minutes or so, something clicked in sam's head and he strung all 30 for the rest of the workout. in his case, his perseverance paid off and now, he will be able to do consecutive strings of double unders whenever he wants to. in my opinion, he is the perfect example of this workout. practice makes perfect.

i did not point out the people above because they did double unders. i did not say anything about swine (highest score) or aimee and they did them. i pointed out the people above because of something they did that touched me personally.

there are people that are not at double unders yet and i can fully appreciate that because i was there for a LONG time. you do what you can do and that is the beauty of crossfit. i just feel that many people are capable of more.

Nicole said...

I completely agree with Nikki. Why point out people that did DU’s. Everyone in there has a different skill level and worked hard for their level. It’s also not fair to newcomers that can’t do DU’s. I feel as though I worked just as hard as someone doing DU’s. I will NEVER do DU’s, after 5 I have shin splints and I’m out of the gym for week at least. It’s not worth it. So every WOD that has them in it, I unfortunately have to do the sub. Therefore I won’t be recognized because of that?

Jason Lyons said...

why is everyone taking this WAY out of context?

1) first and foremost, NO ONE is belitting anyone's performance from yesterday. there was not one person in that gym not pushing themselves

2) the people that i gave props to were NOT pointed out simply because they did double unders. they just so happened to do them. there was much more there, and in my opinion it went beyond working hard, which everyone did.

Nikki said...

Sorry I started all this! I was just trying to bust on Jason for busting on me... I wanted to point out to him that even though I didn't rock the DUs yesterday, he didn't get his Rx either :)

I think what Jason was trying to say is we all CrossFit because we love to push ourselves and work hard everyday. As such, working hard becomes the norm. To get noticed, you need to do something over-the-top. The people he mentioned stood out to him, not b/c they did DU but because of their DETERMINATION. If someone was struggling to get 30 SU and finally got a set of 30, he'd make the same shout-out for them. We should ALL recognize extraordinary efforts we see at the gym... Rx and non-Rx alike :)

Also, I guess my initial post touched on this topic (as did Nicole's) - we need to remember that the goal of CrossFit isn't to earn the little Rx after your name! The goal is to push your own personal limits at each and every workout. A great workout is one where you hit that point where your body is saying "no I can't" and your mind fights back "yes you WILL!" I subbed SU yesterday, but I still know I hit that point when picking up the KB for my last few rounds, so I'm happy with my performance and know I got a great workout in.

Nicole said...

I'm just saying that I don't think its fair to point out certain people because it makes others feel like shit! Honestly sometimes I am there just to get a workout in and other times I feel like giving it my all. We should commend people for getting there and working out. Nikki- you didn't start anything, its something that has been annoying me for awhile.

Nikki said...

Miranda and Jerry - As far as a run, I'd love to do something at 4:45/5:00 and then take the 5:30 class. But if that wont work for your schedules, we can run at 5:45 and take the 6:30 class?

Jason Lyons said...

nicole, you should not feel like shit at all. there have been times when i have commented on your own performance that was above and beyong on this very blog.

one thing that i ask you and everyone to realize is that as coaches, it is our job to push all of you to reach your maximum potential. we expect that in people show up to class, they are trying to reach that potential. there are going to be days when we take strides towards that potential and there are going to be days when we crawl towards it. that statement is true for each and every single one of us. however, as a coach i think it is unfair to NOT tell someone when they accomplish something that they have never done before.

in the end, the only opinion that matters is your own. if people are happy in coming to the gym just to get a workout, that is perfectly acceptable but that does not change our role as coaches to push you harder each and every time. that is how each of us will ultimately get fitter and get fitter quickly.

Jason Lyons said...

Let me begin by saying this is not a knock against people that either cannot or choose not to do DU’s. This is also not a knock against Nikki because I have been texting her about this…I just wanted to maybe investigate her comment that she just wanted to “WORK”. LOL. I also just want to give a mathematical representation of the previous workout. I think we can all agree that the goal of CrossFit is to increase our work capacity over broad time and modal domains. This is increasing our power output. Agreeing on that, let us analyze the difference between DU’s and SU’s in a WOD. I will state my assumptions up front….

1) Average height that you jump for a single under is 2”
2) Average height that you jump for a double under is 8”
3) I am saying the work done by wrist motion is negligible
4) The height you raise the kettlebell is equal to (pi*d/2) with d being the distance from your groin to the tips of your outstretched fingers)
5) Rep durations for all exercises are equal
6) All calculations based on an athlete that is 200lbs, 68”

So, stating all of this, work is defined as a Force x Distance. If we all remember physics, a Force is defined as Mass x Acceleration. So, lets get the calculators out…

When I perform one KBS, I am moving 25kg approximately 2.02 meters since the weight travels on an arc to get to its full height.

Work for a KBS = 25kg x 2.02m x 9.8m/sec squared = 495 Joules

When I perform a SU, I am lifting 90kg (200lbs) 2’’ off of the ground and similarly for a double under, 8” off of the ground.

Work for a SU = 90kg x 0.05m x 9.8m/sec squared = 44 joules

Work for a DU = 90kg x 0.2m x 9.8m/sec squared = 176 joules

If you look at one round in the workout you get the following:

Scaled = (15 x 495) + (60 x 44) = 10071 Joules

Rx = (15 x 495) + (30 x 176) = 12716 Joules

So, if we take Nikki for an example, using her supplied weight and reach to generate new values for her Work, she finished an amazing 17 rounds or 98860 Joules doing the scaled WOD, which could have been generated in a little over 13 rounds of the Rx WOD.

So, did Nikki get in a kick ass workout, without question, could she have gotten a kick ass workout in doing it Rx despite not being as proficient and thus a little slower, without question. So, the question becomes, how efficient is efficient? Nikki said that she think she would have finished 5 rounds. 5 round is 85 KBS and 150 DU’s. If she did nothing else, that would be 40215 Joules; significantly less than the 98860 that she actually generated. However, this does not take into consideration how many DU’s she would have done that were not strung. If she attempted 105 DU’s per round before getting her string of 30, she would have equaled her work generation. Nikki said that she normally can do 15-20 so if we take 17.5 as a nice average, she would have had to attempt 6 times before succeeding. It seems possible to me. Regardless, she still got a killer workout in but I just wanted to show how much more effective DU’s are when performing a WOD

Nikki said...

Wow, being an engineer I appreciate those numbers! I was definitely surprised when you told me that 5 DU rounds, including failed attempts, could easily equal the work from 17 successful SU rounds. That's definitely something I will keep in mind for next time... when I go for 20 SU rounds. JUST KIDDING!

Nicole said...

Feel free to talk to me about this in class. My opinion won't change.

Jim Curran said...

I did single unders b/c they are easier....there I said it. Plus I tried DU's on the first round and missed at 22, felt my heart rate and decided SU's were the way to go for me....great job for all especially those that took the harder path!

Nicole said...


Jerry said...

Nikki -
5:45 run followed by 6:30 class would be great. Won't be back at computer between now and then so text me if this is good (267)984-2981.

Curin said...

WOAH!!!!! Man am i glad i missed yesterday's WOD....lol Jason I work at a bank and have no idea what those engineering numbers are. my brain does not comprehend that lol but if you would like a loan or a checking account i can help...haha. Hopefully i will be back at the BOX soon. I just got back from Cancun and spent the day on Sunday in the ER with my grandmother. she is doing much better but i need to be with her everyday after work right now. I miss everyone and I will be back soon :) P.S. I would have totally done SU's if anyone cares :)

Jason Lyons said...

jim, that is partly my point in all of this. you can do du's very well. on your first try, you got to 22. the only difference between that and getting to 30 is slightly increased endurance, better coordination and better agility to name a few. taking your time, regrouping and building to 30 would increase your ability in all of these areas and that will translate to making you more proficient at everything else we do in the gym...whether it be long metcons, rowing, running, etc.

Jason Lyons said...

curtin, hurry back. i hope your grandmother gets better soon.

Nikki said...

Jerry and I are heading out for a 3 mile jog around 5:45, back in plenty of time for the 6:30 class. Any and all are invited to join us! We'll probably do an out-and-back on the SRT

Nicole said...

Yeah Jim just by doing DU's, you'll be a rockstar in no time. :)

Jason Lyons said...

i am not trying to say that practicing double unders is the only way to improve your work capacity but it is without question one of the most effective ways to build your cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, coordination, agility, and balance. increased proficiency in these areas will lead to improved performance in other activities without question.

by comparison, it would be extremely difficult to run a marathon by only practicing with 3 mile runs. in order to prepare yourself, you would need to run longer and longer distances as runners do or you would need to run that 3 mile run faster and faster to build your endurance and work capacity. greg a demonstrated this when he ran 81 miles without ever doing a run longer than the 5k on the mainpage simply because of his outstanding endurance and work capacity that was created by pushing himself to the limits through crossfit.

nicole said...

My last comment was pure ball busting Jason. I wasn't being serious. I definitely understand that DU's help build endurance. They are hard to do, no doubt. I unlike Jim didn't do the SU's last night because it was easier. Like I said way up above I get shin splints from the hard impact from them. I have told you and Aimee both that many times. I refuse to injure myself so I can RX a workout.

Jason Lyons said...

And no one is asking you to hurt yourself and we never would. This is the reason I did not give you a hard time for doing single unders.

Nicole said...

Anyways, who won the no sugar challenge?

Jason Lyons said...

Aimee has passed the journals on to Evan to judge and once he is finished, the winner(s) will be announced. I do not know when that will be but I imagine it will not be too much longer.

Nicole said...

Hurry Evan, I'm nosey! haha.

Jason Lyons said...

Nicole, I think we have personally broken the "most posts in one day" record. Congrats!

JZuck said...

So, have I missed anything?

Chris P. said...

JZ hopefully you missed us b/c we miss you

Ray said...

Hotel Gym WOD:

1 mile run

DB Complex w/ 2 50# DB's:
10 deadlifts
5X3 Hang Clean & Jerk
10 deadlifts

Mini Metcon:
3 Rounds
10 Pull Ups
10 50# DB Swings
33 Situps + 1

1 Mile Run

Time: Under 45 Minutes
Loved the looks from the folks on the machines!

Hey Jas, you are going to be cleaning that poo off of your shoes for a while bro!!!

Aimee Lyons said...

I'm pretty sure this comment thread might be one for the record books. Did anyone watch the Phils last night?

Laura Pappas said...

To add another post....I got +30 on the weighted pullups

Mike F said...

Jason, I would not have tried DU if you did not say anything. I am glad you that pushed me to try. If left on my own I would have not tried it at all. Yes I did go to SU after 10 minutes, but I tried. I was in awe of Jeff who stuck with it and did 2 rounds of DU. We always have to push ourselves, but sometimes it takes others to push us past our perceived limitations. Some day I will be able to get past 10 straight DU, it will happen quicker because of yesterday.

Joe A said...

Just commenting so I can be apart of the longest post.

Nicole said...

Im glad Tim p remembered to pack his head band for Japan.

Chris P. said...

Nicole, I'm literally falling off the chair from laughing so hard

Laura Pappas said...

Me too. Except its my couch :)

Ray said...

Nicole, you are the queen beeatch mother of all ball busters!!!!!!!

God's speed Chris!

Miranda said...

Cate ~ If you read this...YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Rock on girl, 61lbs?!?!?!?!?

Nicole said...

hahaha!! I needed to end my night with one more ball busting thing.

Jason Lyons said...

just seeing if anyone is paying attention to the number of comments down here. :)

Nicole said...

I am! hahaha 49 comments now!

Chris P. said...

Filthy Fifty (commment) anyone?