W.O.D. 10.12.09
Clean and Jerks (75#/115#)
KB Swings (scale according to level)

Clean and Jerk
(go heavy!!)

Riches don't make a man rich, they only make him busier.
-Christopher Columbus

Chris T. 35# 17:20
Cate 75# 16:04
Kara 35# 17:18
Kelsey 50# 15:57
Kevin 65/60# 25:10
Han 75# 24:19
Kit 115/70KB 13:58
Dan 95# 14:21
Jerry 95# 26:22
Rob 115# 19:52
Joe A 115/70KB 26:43
Laura 60# 18:14
John K 85# 21:10
Granny 10-1/1-10 35# 25:40
Cheri 65# 24:14
Kristen 45# 19:15
K. Ditty 45# 24:14
Chris P. 115/70KB/C2B 18:40
Liz 55# 25:53
Shawn 115# 25:57
Jeff 115# 19:25
Cindy 50# 21:41
Mike F. 115# 20:38
Miranda 75# 21:29
Jim C. 115# 26:24
Lisa 75# 16:54
Squat Cleans
Steph 35# 23:17
Gina 35# 19:14
Megs 50# 19:29
Nikki 45# 15:39
JZ 65# 15:56
Mike B. 115/70KB 24:07

Level 2 WOD:
Clean and Jerk 115/75
KB Swings 35/55
Every time you "rest"/put the bar down 5 burpee buy in...

Aimee 31:45 (5 Burpees)
Sam 46:23 (30 Burpees)
Jason 51:38 (55 Burpees)
Swine 46:31 (45 Burpees)


Ray said...

Did this at home:

3X10 200# Bench Press
3X10 R/L 35# KB Press

35# KB Squats
35# KB Swings

500M Row 1:38

Megs said...

Thank you, Evan, for coming to my rescue with a 25lb KB!!!

Nikki said...

Way to fight thru tonight Megs. But next time take a rest day crazy girl!!! Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Evan, what is the name of the farm u go to, for meat again?

Megs said...

Thanks, Nikki!! I will need to get persmission for rest days. Dont be puzzled if you get a text asking if it;s ok!!!

Nikki said...

Haha, ok. I will write you a permission slip :)

c wiss said...

Great workout tonight, and great coaching on the C&J, thanks for letting me stop in. I will definitely keep reminding a few friends who live/work in the area to check you out.
- cheri

Evan said...

I put a few small brochures for Hendricks Farms on the table at the box.

Jen S. said...

did this at the hotel:

run a mile


clean & jerks using 2 20lb dumbells
40# dumbell swings
push ups

50 sit ups

I didn't have a stop watch and didn't realize where the clock was until i was halfway through so i didn't time it.

tried to make a ghetto pull up bar with the lat pull down bar in the gym here, but that was unsuccessful! :(

can't wait to see everyone next week!! i miss the box...it's not fun working out to elevator music and the weather channel by yourself.... lol

Aimee Lyons said...

Cheri and Kelsey- Welcome to CFKoP, it was great having you!

Jen S. and Ray- Way to keep up with the away from the box wods...Jen S. just the thought of you trying to rig up the lat pull down machine and turn it into a pull-up bar is my vision of the day..hilarious! Too bad it wasn't captured on film.

Great job on this WOD everyone, especially the guys who fought with the 70LB Kettlebell...Kit, Chris P. Mike B and Joe A.!

Chris P. said...

thanks Nikki and Swine for staying and pushing us!