W.O.D. 4.22.19


“Flight Simulator” 
Unbroken Double Unders

CLICK HERE to compare to (1.14.19)

Cash out:
Not for time:
25 Hip/Back Extensions
25 GHD Sit-Ups

Community Notes:
CrossFit Endurance BEGINS on Thursday (4/25) at 6:00 PM at the box.

Join Coach Tim on Saturday at  8:30 AM at Road Runner in Town Center for a FREE workout consisting of a station rotations including strength and bodyweight movements. Then there will be a shoe fitting and a trail run after to get in the endurance season spirit! Starts at 8:30am

 Join Coach Jenna on Saturday at 10:30 AM Workhorse Brewing Co. for an hour long workout plus a beer or cider after!

"Never give up. There are always tough times, regardless of what you do in anything in life. Be able to push through those times and maintain your ultimate goal." 
- Nathan Chen


CFKOP iPad said...

Danielle 19:54rx
Anna c 23:21 5to25to5 30s-1m rest ass bike

Danielle Gambone said...

Kevin 23:13 up and down to 45
Theresa 18:24 rx
Brian S :)
Jamie 14:31 rx
Mark 19:15 up and down to 40
Laura S DU practice
Sean DU practice
Ellie 19:03 rx
Christine 233 total dubs
Andre DU practice
Mike S 20:55 up and down to 35

Mike P 17:21 single unders
Yex 5:48 singles, DU practice
Matt 10:02, 20 sets of 5, 5:30 single unders

Jenna said...

Aimee 19:27 rx
Cate =)
Don up to 45 su
Larissa (up to 15 by 3)
Mary h (up to and down to 30)
Jackie h 17:58 (up and down to 20 by 5)
Emily r (to 9 by 1)
Braden 16:15 rx

CFKOP iPad said...


Steph c 12:42 35 up/down
Pete d 10 up (20m)
Sam 10 up (20m)
Julie r 30 up (20m)
Subhan 28:38 Rx

1pm masters
Anne b 21:34 30 up/down row (30rest)
Terry j 8strung PR (20m)
Barb z 18:42 30 up/down row (30s, w/extra 15c)
Ina 13:40 30 up/down

Jenna said...

Remer 11:37 rx
Manny 19:19 (3s to 12 and back)
Holly 27 du in 20min
Andrew Mc 14 du in 20min
Jill h 17:23 (by 3s to 21 and back)
Noel 110 in 20min

Matt b (up to 45 in 20min)
Karen m 144 in 20min
Keith b 18:26 rx
Roberto 20:00 up to 40
Olan up to 40 in 20min
Tom up to 75min 20min
Alex t 15:46 (by 2s to 8 and back)
Tori 21:24 (up and back to 40)

Aimee Lyons said...

5:30 PM
Kevin H 11:47 Rx
Jeff P 12:25 Rx
Dan M 17:00 (up and down to 20)
Colleen 12:32 rx
Randy 13:12 Rx
Caitlyn 15:31rx
Steph Mc 20:00 tot 35
Alex Th 16:20 (up and down to 30)
Rekah practice
Raj practice
Sam F practice

Keith B said...


Kira 45 up
Ashley M 17:33 30 up/down
Lauren 16:21 Rx
Michael C 30 up/down(did not recored time)
Jordan - practice
Danie :)
Sarah :)
Hasan 20down up to 35
Jake : )

Rachel Spring said...


Joao 20 cap up to 10 by 5s
Neil D 20 cap up to 30 by 5s
Lucas 20 cap up/down to 24 by 3s

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