W.O.D. 4.10.19

7 Rounds (for 21 Minutes):
(On the 3 Min)
Run 400 Meters
12 Toes to Bar

Coaches Notes:
If you complete the 400 Meter Run and 12 TTB prior to 3 the three minute window you will rest in the remainder of that time.
If you cannot complete the work within the 3 minutes, scale reps of the Toes to bar or the distance of the run.

"You have to stay focused and be mentally tough. That's what I've really learned: every day is a grind, and you have to go hard." 
- Chris Gronkowski


Tim P said...

Jamie S Rx
Kevin B Rx
Jeremy (ghd situps)
Laura Alt. (ghd situps)
Mark S (ghd situps)
Jess M ( .5 cycle bike/knee raises)
Laura Smith (rom t2b)
Theresa (-10 t2b)
Ellie H -4 (1/2 ghd, 1/2 t2b)

Jeff G -12 reps
Jeff Ma. -7 reps
Matt D -5 reps

Mike P -7 reps

CFKOP iPad said...

9:30. BAC!

Jackie H. 300m/GHD
Mary H. Row/GHD
Jill H. 300m/6 ttb att+6 kr
Shawn W. 8 ttb/4 kr
Edwin L. Sit-ups
Evie B. 6 ttb/rnd
Lea W. Last 4 rnds@3:30
Emily 6 kr
Christine R. 300m/6 kr
Donna G. 6 GHD
Larissa T. Ttb att
Sabrina M. Rx
Ina S. 300m/ttb att
Nikki M. Rx
Frank Rx

CFKOP iPad said...

12:15 EXP

Kevin H. 6 rnds 400m + tt pole
Pete D. All but 1 rnd @200m
Tim H. 1000m bike/6 kr
Todd L. All but 1 rnd @300m+ 6 ttb
Barb B. 200m + kr
Cherie C. 200m/kr
Matt T. Rx

Jenna said...

Matt rx
Cate 300m
Heather .5 bike/ 8 reps
Gabriella 300m/ 6 kr
Annette 200m/ 10ttba
Tyler 2 rds @300m
Mike m 6ttba

Jenna said...

Mike c ghd
Gia 200m
Karen s 200m/ 6 ttb
Liz 200m, ttba/ ttp
Erik 400/300m, 6ttba
Kim 12/8/12 ttp
Matt e 6ttb
Mike Mc kr
Jake 200m/ kr
Hannah b 200m/ 12ttba and 1 rd ghd

Stephanie Vincent said...

Jenna 3rnds 8ttb
Keith 800m erg bike
Alex tu 300m/8kr/6rnds
Alicia DNF
Remer rx
Tunde 200m/kr
Mike m 300m/6ttb
Karen m 300m/6ttb
Andrea 300m/ttba
Josh s 7rnds/no interval

Farrah 800m erg bike/for scale
Merna 200m/6kr
Sarah w 200m/6kr
Alexxx 6ttb
Dan Sam ghd
Andrew m rx
Sam f 6ttb
Sam b vup
Jen c ghd
Josh m rx
Alona 9-12ttb rom
Noel 300m
Dani 6ttb rom
Rekha 200m/kr
Danielle 6ttb
Joe s 10 ttb for 3 rounds

Jenna said...

Greg a 8 ttb for last 2 rds
Ellie 8 ttb