W.O.D. 2.17.15

Brian, Scott and Chet show some early morning dedication!

Test Day- Record Results
 3 RM Back Squat
Take as much time and rest between sets to reach your 3 RM Back Squat

Gymnastics Skill
Use the remainder of the class to work on your Chest to Bar Pull-ups. 
Record your biggest set completed.

Community Notes: 
 Saturday, February 21st will be the Culmination of the Zone Challenge.  Join us at 9:00/10:00AM for measurements, 11:00AM Performance Test and 1:30PM for Lunch at the Taphouse 23 in Bridgeport (everyone is welcome, whether you did the challenge or not).

If you cannot make it on Saturday, I will be available from 9:00-9:30 AM on Friday the 20th for Measurements and you can complete the WOD on Friday at 9:30AM. 

The winner will be announced on Saturday, you can pick up your T-shirts when you get measured!

"Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill." 


Tim P said...

Brian H 275#
Chet 235#
Scott R (kb FS ladder)

Paul S said...

King 225
Joe G. 265
Rich P. 225
Mark R. 265
Jill A. 230
Rebecca 125 PR
Denise 165
Anne form
Steph C. form

With the scaled division you don't have to be afraid of chest to bar pull ups. Even if you want to do the RX division, you can always scale the chest to bar and still have a score assuming they are not first. If they are first, you may get your first chest to bar like a lot of people at last year's open. Lots of first time T2B and C2B.

Keith B said...


Eric F 185
Eric R 185
Jonathan 265
Josh B 335
Karen 108
Lauren 125
Liza 125
Olan 255
Roman 225
Sarah 93


Flounder 135
John Mc 245
Josh P 215
Ryan A 325
Killa 205
Tim H 275


Alejandra 120
Michal 145
Patrick 155
Rachel 235


Dave N 265