Updated OPEN Teams

Red Team Green Team Black Team Orange Team
Aimee Jason Keith Giulia
Alejandra Alex Diane Arieanne
Brian T Alison K Jeff B Cate
Chris C Alona Joe P Dana
Denise Dave S Jon P Dave N
Jackie Joe C Josh P Jen S
Jill A Jonathan S Kate F Josh B
Jill C King Lauren C Josh M
Jonathan P Laura P Mike S Justin R
Luis Liza Pete Luke
Pam Michal Rachel Marci
Patrick Shawn D Ryan S Mark
Ryan A Taryn Seshu Regi
Shawna Tim H Stasie Sarah W
Steve Z Tim P Tobin Steph C
Rich A Flounder Matt E Kevin G
Britt Manisha John M Jason I
Jill H Ly Anne Bo Laura A
Nick C Fayth Anne Br

New athletes added at bottom...


Dave N. said...

Manisha and Mr. I are missing. One more sign up and we'll have even teams again!

Aimee Lyons said...

fixed, thanks Dave...Keith helped me with this...haha!

Laura Altimari said...

I know next to nothing about the Open but I'd be up for evening out the teams!

Unknown said...

Yes Laura!! You should totally do it. I will reach out with some more info. . . .

Stephanie Vincent said...

nicole 153, 65 KR/35
Stephen 130, 75 KR/35
Jamil 150, 135 KR/75
Kim 140,100 KR/55
Gina 150/55 KR/KBDL@55/45
Kevin T 85, 195 RX

Michelle K 153, 55 KR/25Hng
Scott 173, 155 KR/85
Alex 59, 170 Rx
Matt E 70, 185 Rx
Chett 83, 165 95
Pedro 120, From KR/65/45hng
Jeff 121,225 Rx

Nice work everyone!! Lots to think about for all our newer athletes, but you guys did awesome!! Thanks Chett for helping Judge! And congrats to Matt, Jeff, and Alex for getting their first Open score of the season!!