Some fun in your future...

Saturday, February 14th at 9/10 AM, we are hosting a FREE Valentines Day Workout for you and your sweetheart! FREE babysitting at 10:00AM.

Saturday, February 21st, The Culmination of the Zone Challenge:

9:00AM, Measurements, 11:00AM Performance Test. 

1:30-4:00PM, Social at the Taphouse 23 and Nutrition Challenge wrap up on 2/21!

Friday, February 27th First OPEN workout all day at CrossFit KoP with a special edition and from 4:30-7:30 with Workout heats, judges, social and drinks! If you haven't signed up yet check out http://games.crossfit.com

Well, I know you are asking, why should I pay CrossFit HQ $20 to do this, uh...uh... OPEN thing. 

Here's the short of it. It's a world wide competition, but we will also host it at the box weekly on Friday's for 5 weeks. 

Yes, it's the start of the qualifying process for the CrossFit Games. 

Yes, I know you aren't planning on competing in the games, well, neither am I, but I get excited about the open each year because I get to witness athletes do things they never thought possible and push themselves to the next level. 

Back to you, throw your hat in the ring in the comfort of your own gym and do the work. We will have teams this year like last, you will be assigned to either Giulia, Keith, Jason or Aimee's team and then we will have some inter-gym fun! Which team will win? 

If I still haven't convinced you, join us at the Taphouse 23 on the 21st of February and maybe we can buy you some food and a drink and convince you to...I'm honored every year to support a great community at CKoP and we already have 30 signed up, lets make it 40! 

Fun Facts:
Did you know CrossFit KoP went to and competed at the Reebok CrossFit Games in 2010? Did you know CFKoP sent an individual Athlete in 2009, 2010 and 2012 to regionals? Did you know that CFKoP sent a Team to regionals in 2010, 2011 and 2012? First to post to comments and name all the members of the Teams and Individuals gets a FREE T-shirt from the CFKoP store. 


Jill C said...

2009, 2010, 2012 - Aimee

2010 - John, Mike V, Kit, Laura, Jen S, Nikki
2011 - Nikki, John, Cate, Mike, Danny, Aimee
2012 - Vinny, Danny, Plentus, Cate, Laura, KT

Intense morning of googling...back to work :)

Kathleen said...

Scary I was around for all but the 2009 regional.

I had almost the same results as Jill except I thought it was Mike B.

2009 Individual: Aimee
2010 Individual: Aimee
2010 Team: Laura, Nikki, Jen S., John W., Mike B., Kit
2011 Team: Aimee, Nikki, Cate, John, Mike, Danny
2012 Individual: Aimee
2012 Team: Laura, Cate, KT, Danny, Plentus, Vinny

Aimee Lyons said...

Nice Jill! That took some work. You win!
Kathleen!!! So close... Mike V.
Kathleen hope to see you Saturday!