W.O.D. 5.8.14

(Squat or Power, these should be touch and go from the ground)

For time complete:
1 Rope Climb (15ft) (Sub 3 Pulls from the ground for 1 rope climb)
5 Clean and Jerks 135/95 - 95/65 - 75/45
2 Rope Climbs (15ft)
4 Clean and Jerks 155/115 - 115/75 - 95/65
3 Rope Climbs (15 ft)
3 Clean and Jerks 185/135 - 135/95 - 115/75

First Weight is Rx (M/F), second weight intermediate, and third weight is beginner

All athletes must load their bar for each lift.

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." --Colin Powell


Unknown said...

The only person you're ever with ALL the time is you. Make sure you get along with them!

Tim P said...

Nick C 175, 5:10 int#
Peter W 195, 6:40 Rx
Rebecca R 95, 9:29 int#

Aimee Lyons said...

Shoeless 105#/6:40
Alona 105#/10:02 (int)
Jill 100#/7:54 (int)
Michelle 55#/10:29 (1st rope climb)

Dianne 73/9:52 (65#)1/2 rope climb
Diane :) good form work! 6:58 scale rope rx weight
Manisha 65/10:15 45/65#

Keith B said...


Arieanne 75 4:59 beg RP
Derreck 225 7:43 Rx
Kirill 145 3:59 int
Patrick 195 6:01 Rx
Ryan S 165 4:41 int
Shawna 90 (100x1PR) 6:12 beg
Stephanie C 90 6:31 beg
Taryn 105 7:35 int

ArieAnne - <----I spelled your name right! Nice work keeping your chin tucked and driving up rather than throwing your head back
Derreck-Nice job hitting 225 is a great # especially considering that you muscle cleaned it. Work on dropping under to catch the bar.
Kirill- Awesome job flying up the rope. Keep working on initiating the hip and shoulder at the same rate in the clean
Patrick - The catch is starting to look better. Tim's mobility classes are paying off.
Ryan S - Speed through the middle looked great!
Shawna - PR for 1 Rep nice job! Don't be afraid to aggressive and really drive the bar up!!!
Steph C - Getting better at sweeping through the middle rather than hitching.
Taryn - Way to fight to re-grip so you could hold yourself to the touch-n-go standard

Aimee Lyons said...

previous results were 6AM/9:30AM, not 12:00...here are the real 12:00 results:

Dedicated nooners
Gavin 115# 6:12 (beg)
Pam 93# 7:48 (Inter)

Same advice for both, work on clean pulls and keep those arms straighter longer! When the arms bend the power ends...trust the hips!

King 185# 8:32 Rx
Regi 105# 11:38 sc
Marci 140#(DL) 8:13 sc
Jill 110# 6:32 (int, rope pulls)
Roman 175# :)(1 jerk away from Rx)
Alex 135# 8:08 Beg
Keith 245 4:59 Rx
Josh 135# 7:16 (int)
Kate 73# 11:12

great 4:30 today:
King- you are strong eliminate the early arm bend and you can be better.
Regi- you were at the pool party today...way to give it your best though. Nice job working on a better position on the catch on the clean(progress made)
Marci--good work on pushing the hip back to initiate the return of the DL.
Roman- Glad you accepted my challenge :)
Alex-great job up the rope-bodyweight ninja!
Keith solid cleans- I might remember when 245 was your Deadlift...just sayin!Focus on being balanced at the heavier weights and getting the hip to fire so you aren't chasing the bar.
Josh- keep working on the set up. Good job from the hang.
Kate-your perseverance was top notch, way to keep trying in the cash out!

Aimee Lyons said...

7 out of 9 signed in for class at the 4:30...good job!