W.O.D. 5.13.14

Mobility Madness!

AMRAP in 12 Minutes:
Power Clean
Hang Squat Clean
Front Squat
Squat Clean

*Use about 75% of you 1RM Clean

Post rounds of the complex completed to Total WOD.

Community Notes: 
On (Memorial Day) Monday May 26th we will have a Memorial Day team WOD at 10AM...and a "social" afterwards. If you like to "stink and drink" or bring some food feel free to join us. Dave N...you know what to bring (haha!)  The post WOD party will FUN. PS. It's also Jason Lyons birthday on the 27th! Friends and Family are welcome, this is a FREE class.

"Our attitude is the primary force that will determine whether we succeed or fail."
--Dr. John C. Maxwell


Unknown said...

Did you know that your intuition or "gut instinct" is more powerful than your IQ? Unfortunately most of us ignore this powerful "it just feels right" intuition. For today I want you to be aware of this innate intelligence and find out how in-tune you are.

Tim P said...

Gina 21(75#)
Zelda 12(43#
Brian H 17(85#)
Rebecca R 23(65#)
Shoeless 17(95#)
Kim g 14(55#)

Jason Lyons said...

I wanted to give props to Megs this morning. I keep on challenging her with heavier and heavier weights and she keeps stepping up to the plate and knocking a home run. Well done chica! Keep up the great work.

Jason Lyons said...

Our "gut instinct" in dominated by the limbric part of your brain. This part of your brain does not control rational thought so often what we feel in this part cannot be explained effectively by words. The part of your brain that does control rational thought is your neocortex...this is what we use to describe what we like and how we feel...

Stephanie Vincent said...

Pam 18 @75
Gavin 19 @95
Dianne 16 @45

Sarah said...

Love this! I look at your daily quote each morning!

Joseph said...

I did 75#, not 95#. -Shoeless

Jason Lyons said...

Travis: 13 w/145
Taryn: 12 w/55
Derreck: 11 w/165
Darren: 9 w/165
Josh: 13 w/ 100
Ryan: 9 w/ 260
Sarah: 19 w/15
Jill: 18 w/65
Justin R: 9 w/155
Keith: 9 w/225
Aimee: 19 w/73 snatch
Jenna: 14 w/65
Roman: 12 w/135
Regi: 23 w/65
Sharon: 13 w/63
Dave: 12 w/155

Ryan: Strength endurance at its best
Sarah: Squat is getting better ever day
JIll: Scaling princess :)
Justin R: Fastest elbows in class today
Keith: Great weight for your BW. Awesome
Aimee: Perfect shoulder activation
Jenna: Loved how you were able to set your back
Roman: Keep the elbows high and outside
Regi: Scaling queen :)
Sharon: Dont be afraid to unleash the beast
Dave: Hips back when you catch...ever rep
Travis: Welcome back, weight looked light
Taryn: Great form throughout, just keep your chest up
Derreck: I like seeing that heel on the ground, good work
Darren: Focus on setting your back every rep, dont let up
Josh: Great change on waiting until your pockets. AWESOME.

Paul S said...

Susan 15 @65
Barb 19 @55
Fran 21 @35
Jill 17 @ 55
Fugo 14 @55
Christ 13 @53
Joe G. 25 @KBS
Rich P. 25 @KBS
Lizzie 16 @53
Ryan A. 20 @135
Matt B. 15 @135
Anne :-) @55
Fayth 12 @75
Steph C. 12 @75
Rach 18 @85
Seshu 14 @85

Unknown said...

6:30 Mobility

Jill A
Jen F

Biggest class to Date! Excellent work eveyone. Doing mobility after workouts is the best thing that you can do for yourself, especially after Long grueling metcons and of course Aimee's Boot Camp!!