In CrossFit we define Gymnastics as the art of controlling your body.  Throughout classes at CrossFit King of Prussia we teach these body control movements like the pullup, pistol, muscle up and handstand (to name a few).  They help you become a better athlete and improve your balance and coordination. These basic gymnastics movements create muscular endurance, which is useful in sports and basic life activities.  We know there are some athletes in our gym who have been working hard to get the basic of the Pull-up and Handstand/Handstand Push-upAimee will be running two clinics to help you get better at these movements.

Thursday May 29th at 5:30PM - The Pull-up (all levels welcome).  If you are trying to get your first pull-up we can help and show you some assistance exercises to get you there quicker.  Are you trying to string Pull-ups together...we can help.  If you are trying to understand the butterfly pull-up...we can help.

Thursday June 5th at 5:30PM - The Handstand/Handstand Push-up (all levels welcome). Come to learn the fundamentals and how to kip when executing this movement.  We will be teaching a progression to get you more proficient and teach some assistance exercises to develop your technique.

Both of these clinics are FREE to members of CrossFit KoP and only $20 to non-members.

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