CrossFit King of Prussia is happy to announce our NEW....Strength Only Membership

The strength only membership will give athletes access to our daily 90 minute open strength sessions where they can use our large variety of strength training equipment:

15 and 20K Olympic lifting bars, power lifting bars and other specialty bars. Bumper Plates, Jerk Boxes, Pulling blocks Squat Racks, Benches, Yokes, Farmers Carry bars, Dumbbells (up to 120#), Kettlebells, Prowlers, Chains, Sleds, Conjugate Style Bands, Belts and Atlas Stones. 

This membership is perfect for CrossFit Athletes on a strength cycle, Strength Sport Athletes who follow their own programming as well as individuals with strength goals who are familiar with the mechanics of weight training.

Our normal Strength sessions will continue to be open to those with CrossFit Memberships and Punch Cards.  

Click here to see the weekly class availability. Click here to purchase your membership.

The cost for the STRENGTH ONLY
membership will be as follows:
$100- Monthly Unlimited 
$80- 3x/week
$60- 2x/week

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