King and Queen of Prussia

It's that time again...our 5th Annual King and Queen of Prussia will be hosted on Saturday, June 28th.

The King and Queen of Prussia is hosted by all of your CrossFit KoP Coaches, it is an all day event from (8AM-4PM) for all non-coaching members of the gym. Athletes will compete in five workouts and when all the dust has settled, the top man and woman will be crowned the King and Queen of Prussia.

In addition to bragging rights for the year, the winners will have their names engraved on the trophy that is proudly displayed in the main lobby and their picture featured on the wall.

This year the WODs will emulate all of our specialty areas of the gym (CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Endurance, Boot Camp and Mobility) and be carefully designed so that athletes of all levels can participate in the competition. Each workout will consist of fundamental movements that every member of the gym will be able to perform. Scaling is acceptable so please do not be intimidated; however if you choose to scale the WODs, you will be ineligible for winning the competition.

Click here to sign up NOW (We will need a head count for T-shirts by June 7th...don't delay)

We provide Free T-shirts, Free Beer, Free Food and Free FUN! This is our thank you to everyone for being part of our incredible community.


Cline said...

FYI, that MindBody link has the "Seminars" drop-down seeded with values in the 3 drop-downs that results in "No Scheduled Workshops" being shown.

If you click on "Seminars", then those the drop-downs revert to "All ______" and a bunch of events, including K&Q show up.

Stephanie Vincent said...

the link is working correctly now.

Aimee Lyons said...

Cline -- it should be working now..sorry.

Aimee Lyons said...

oh and Cline you might be king, right now you are the only one signed up!

Will Faby come back to regain the title? So far we have never had a repeat king or queen.

The Queen spot is open ladies...who will it be? Any ideas?

Cline said...

Registration is now closed. Now where's my damn crown? Oh, and the trollops. I demand trollops!

Cline said...

x-post from FB:

2 years ago at the King & Queen, I ran a pool to make a fun event even much more funner.

For the low, low price of $5, you were randomly assigned a male & female competitor. The better they did, the better chance you had to win $.

Let me know if there's interest in me doing that again.

Cline said...
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Cline said...
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Cline said...

Speaking of K&Q, want to gamble on it? Yes, you do.


Or go here if you can't access that URL: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Arh20eEBHXTxdFlUQVZXVFI5VUZlRTdTN3FNbGlJMnc&usp=sharing