W.O.D. 5.5.14

We like your bangs Tori!
 Welcome Greg
 4:30 fun!
Handstand walks...

Heavy Thruster

Then on the minute for 7 minutes complete 5 burpees and in the remainder of that minute complete max Thrusters at @70% of your 1 RM.  Your score will be the total Thrusters completed.

Community Notes:
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“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


Unknown said...

I challenge you to take a risk today. Do something out of the ordinary that would normally scare the s**t out of you. Press on past the fear, press on past the perceived press on and reap the reward of a new experience. Remember it may be uncomfortable, but it won't kill you!

Mike T. said...

Gina 100#PR, 25
King 165#PR, 36
Rachel 125#PR, 13
Shoeless 135#, 18

Great intensity this morning 6am. We had 3 people PR on their heavy thrusters!!! Shout out to Rachel for really buying in on correcting her form and it paid off with a big PR. Gina and King for loading the bar appropriately and lowing the weight when needed, then coming back to get their PR. Shoeless, Your depth on the squat is just ridicules. Great to see you at a 6am. Lets make it a regular habit!!

Miranda said...


Peter 175#/39
Sarah 75#/25

Laura Pappas said...

Hey everyone, don't forget to sign up for Nutrition Fundi's tomorrow at 6:30pm! As of now, it's on but I'll be taking a brief hiatus in June so make sure you come out and lean some great info to help get you lean and strong for the summer!

Aimee Lyons said...

9:30 ladies PR party!

Barb 90pr/26
Fran 50 pr/26
Darcy 75pr/12
Tori 63#form/25
Kara 83 pr/116
Chris 83pr /15
Diane 163pr/18
Manisha 65pr/24

Aimee Lyons said...

Happy Birthday Coach Miranda!

Stephanie Vincent said...

This week in structured strength...
1. 3 position clean x6
2. Deadlift 25/10
25 reps in 10 mins. Choose your own sets. Complete all reps at least 70%
3. Shoulder press 5x3
4. Accessories- 3 challenging sets
Ring rows

Aimee Lyons said...

Greg 130# (PR) 15 reps
Alex 125# (PR) 31 reps

Welcome to Greg! Solid work on the thruster form today guys!

Jason Lyons said...

JIll 95-31
Ryan 275-14
Josh 145PR-20
Marci 70PR-19
Kate F 70PR-16
Regi 130PR-15
Keith 225-31
Shawn 195PR-22
Sarah W form

Jill: Your quads are awesome and your rack position was the best in the class
Ryan: Cleans looked crisp and tight, we need acceleration out of the hole (1 & 1/4 squats)
Josh: Great positioning on the clean and it paid off overhead...remember straight up at the heavier weights
Marci: You are strong, once we get the acceleration aspect together, watch out.
Kate F: Best form I have seen so far, 100% improvement, lets do some back extensions
Regi: You have finally unleashed your inner beast and it is awesome to watch
Keith: Looked great...continue to fight for those last few inches.
Shawn: Keep tension the entire lift to maximize your efficiency.
Sarah: It surely clicked at the end and I was happy to see it. Keep the back flat at all times.

Keith B said...


Jill C 100PR 23
Kirill 155 31
Luke 175 15
Nick C 156 15
Ryan S 155 27


Cline 140PR 20
Conn 185 18
Derreck 205 13
Jeff A 205rack 8
Michal 75 11
Stephanie 85 21

Welcome to Jeff A and Michal! First class and Jeff already hits a big 205!!! Nice work.