Cleans (135/95#)
Ring Dips

 (compare to 2.3.12)

Community Notes:
Elizabeth is usually performed using full cleans.  However, at the 2012 CrossFit Games, the athletes performed this workout with power cleans.  We will leave it up to the athlete which option to choose.  Just remember squatting makes this girl a whole lot spicier!

CrossFit Endurance with Coach Tim will occur today 10/11 at 6:30 PM at the Upper Merion High School Track.

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TP said...


Mark Lee 17:39 (75)
Bekah 11:38 (75,band)
Dianne 14:29(45,grn bnd)
Rebecca S 13:10(65#,band)
Mike S 14:04(85,band)
Monica 10:16(65,band)
Jay E 10:31(band)

Klutch 12:27 Rx
Peter W 14:02 Rx
Chip 7:40 Rx
Nick C 12:54 Rx

Vinny said...

Chip.. Awesome job man, squat clean?

Chip said...

That was power cleans. If it was squat cleaned my time would've been double.

Wax said...

BEAST mode this morning Chip - nice job!

Melanie said...

For those of you attending Saturday's Adventure Race. We are REQUIRED to park in the bigger lot off of 252 and have you walk over to the meeting spot. Parking along the road is not permissible. I posted directions and photo's on the facebook page or if you have any trouble at all, call me or text me on my cell 610-805-4006.

steph v. said...

Kim 9:35 (55Power/Band)
Jim C. 16:24 (RxSquat)

Post Nooner
Steph V. 13:47 (95Squat/Band)

Vinny said...

Byrnsey - 7:11 Rx (PC)
Mel - 9:45 (band,pc)
Ryan B. 9:03 Rx
Vinnie - 12:01 (75, band)
John Sch. - 10:49 Rx
Rob Ph. 7:37 (aqua)
Roman 11:02 Rx (PC)
JZ - 10:45 (115,pc)
Mike Fab - 12:48 (green)
Diego 10:33 Rx (pc)
Fayth 10:00 (55,pc,band)

Keith B said...


Arin 10:05 75 Band
Sharon 9:53 75 band
Faby 9:42 Rx squat
Tim McC 9:11 Rx squat
Kate C 11:28 Rx squat
Chris A 9:07 115 band
Luke 11:44 95 band
Vinny 7:19 Rx squat
Brian 10:22 135 band
Kathleen 8:59 65 PC band
Jess S 10:10 70 PC band
Patrick 8:42 Rx PC