30 Clean and Jerks (135/95#)

 (compare to 10.15.11)

Community Notes:
A reminder that Mel is running her race this Adventure Race and Pot Luck Picnic Saturday (10/13).  Please see the sign up sheets at the box.

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Another reminder that there is an outdoor adventure WOD this Sunday (10/14).  Please meet outside of Frosty Falls at 9:00AM. We are hosting a Level 1 seminar so there will be no regular classes this weekend. 

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Jen Naspinski said...

one of my favorites!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Just a few reminders for Saturday's Adventure race:
1. Make sure someone on your team brings a camera.
2. We are meeting at Valley Forge Park, NOT at KOP. Check the box for the directions if you need them.
3. The Potluck Picnic doesn't have many things listed. Do you want to just bring your own picnic/lunch and hang out afterwards?? We can share stories and photo's and have a bite to eat while enjoying the weather that we are supposed to have on Saturday!

TP said...

The first GRACE scores of the day are in...

*Keep in mind today Grace is 30 Clean and Jerks. Each lift should be a clean and a jerk. There is alot of debate out in the CF world on whether this is GTO (ground to overhead) and as it's technically written it is not! Isabel is a WOD that is 30 Snatches for time and is called GTO.

Ryan B 2:01
Kristin T 3:28
Nina 3:31

Jay E 1:34 GTO
Cris A 2:56 (115)
Peter 3:10 (115)
Paul F. 4:25(115)
Bekah 4:19(85)
Roni 7:48 (75)
Gina 4:52 (75)
Mike S 3:32 (75)
Lauren M 5:40(75)

Ryan Great form on every rep, and this 2mins is only your beginning. Jay E ripped thru this as well to no discount in just over 90 seconds, but with no jerks. As for the girls, they are strong ! Whew, fast and furious on this.

Chris P. said...

Last week in class we had a push press workout where people had to focus on NOT push jerking. But for Grace, my opinion is ground to shoulder to overhead as fast as you can. If we really take "clean and jerk" to be literal, then everyone should be squat cleaning and push/split jerking. But this isn't the case. Most people power clean and then simply can't press or push press, so they have to push jerk. Jay E. is strong enough to push press (or press??) and as long as he's pausing at shoulder level then I say he's legit.

Cate said...

ok.... tim i am going to have to (respectfully) disagree with you! 30 clean and shoulder to oh. if you push press it, so be it! Jay E, in my opinion, you belong on the leader board.

megs 6:31 (2:01 improvement!)
Rinat 7:35
Tim McCa 6:20
Cate 2:41

Barb 4:36 (65)
Chris T 4:52 (65)
Kara 3:48 (65)
Chris Ags 6:56 (115)
Peter O 6:11 (95)
Kim C 6:26 (75)

Nice work!! Everyone either set a PR or used a higher weight!

Anonymous said...

Diego 6:55 Rx
Mike P 7:42 Rx
Schaefer 2:46 Rx
Becky C 4:30(65)
Rachel 5:47(65)

Melanie said...

As much as I agree with what Plentus is saying (because it is a clean and JERK), in reality, it seems that most athletes that do this WOD "forget" to drop under the bar and actually jerk or split jerk it and they struggle and poop themselves out faster by push pressing or pressing it. If you are a beast like Jay E and can still manage a time like that by push pressing or pressing it, then so be it! Not sure what the standard is on this WOD and whether or not the jerk is "required". I think for other athletes, they would benefit more by getting under that bar and saving their shoulders more for the clean.

Anonymous said...

"There was never anything for Coach Rutman to lobby. Grace has always been a "two-handed anyhow" as the video portrays convincingly.

If we said "two-hands any how" we'd then have to offer advice as to "how".

C&J will be most efficient. Max output will, however, kill the efficient technique. The productive work is the same regardless of technique. The metabolic costs of the workout increase dramatically with weakening/failing technique." -
Comment #99 - Posted by Coach at April 7, 2006 11:30 AM

So, while "Grace" is written as 30 clean and jerks, one does not need to perform a clean and a jerk for the repetition to count. There are several possibilities that would be acceptable: power clean and push press, power clean and push jerk, power clean and jerk, clean and push press, clean and push jerk, clean and jerk, or even an clean and thruster.

Unknown said...

One of the best weightlifters in the country, Donny Shankle, does grace in the video. I imagine this is what Jay looked like.

His time was 1:47. How the heck did Jay get 1:34?

Vinny said...

I think everyone is right but maybe arguing different things. Once you get it to your shoulder, I don't think it matters how it gets over your head yeah? However if you bypass the shoulder (or rack) position all together, then you are effectively doing an ugly snatch, not a clean and jerk, this is different, and can be faster for some. But since it does more closely relate to "Isabel" maybe that is why we have 2 different lady WODs...I think that the distinction is a good one overall. Tim P and Chris, good points... That being said, Jay, we're only talking about you cus you're a beast, however it got over your head bro...

Melanie said...

When Aimee puts "Clean" as the WOD, she means squat clean. When she puts "Jerk" as the WOD, she doesn't mean push press or press, or snatch. Just sayin'..... I think we are thinking too much about it. Just do the WOD.

Jay E said...

The pause between the clean and going overhead was the main flaw. Usually the bar is around chin level when I bring my elbows around to go overhead. I historically have not brought it back to my front rack, I just continue overhead. Similar to the posted video. Tim had the best vantage point of me not using a single thing I learned at coach P's C&J clinic.

Vinny said...

Thanks Mel!!

Grace is not meant to be an Olympic lifting showcase, despite having "clean and jerk" in the scheme. It's meant to leave its participants lying in a heap, it's a sprint. So, I would say if someone were to need a squat clean or a split jerk for this WOD, the weight is too heavy. This WOD is an example of when clean and jerk is not meant to be taking quite as literally as you described above. That being said an effective power clean and push jerk is the best and safest way to do the WOD...in my ever humble opinion.

Melanie said...

Hi Vin, I didn't mean we had to squat clean it. I guess it is more to take it as a clean and jerk, not a GTO which can be interpreted as a snatch too. I wasn't trying to be that literal. Saw some great performances today though and I think everyone did great!

Melanie said...

6:30 results
Balmer 2:36 Rx
Klutch 4:06 Rx
Derreck 3:27 Rx
Matt G. 5:28 115
Jess S. 4:39 70
Lisa C. 4:56 65
Faby 2:44 Rx
Erika 5:20 80
Mark W. 2:53 35
Jeremy 5:37 105

BJ 2:24 115
Kathy G. 5:11 35
Linda 5:05 55
Leslie 4:10 65

Chris P. said...

I agree with Vinny


Stephanie Vincent said...

Ps when a WOD is programmed with a movement...athletes are never penalized for
Doing the harder version of a movement. If its a jerk you could do a pp or sp and meet standards in competition. IMO it's still RX as long as your not snatching. That being said what we are always going for is effciency ...that's what makes us better in one workout or over many. And I agree with Vinny...grace is about high intensity...as long as u pick a weight you can move safety and quickly ground to shoulder and then shoulder to overhead...have at it!

Chris P. said...

JNa 4:35 65#
Roman 4:50 115#
Rob Ph 3:27 Rx
WW 4:09 115#
Vinny 2:19 Rx
Brian 4:40 Rx
Joy 2:29 65# PR
Allison 3:41 35#
Justin H 4:56 Rx

Kate 2:17 rx
Patrick 3:28 rx
Heather 3:14 75#
Manisha 3:43 45#
Jim C 4:00 rx
Mark L 1:50 75#
Kathleen 3:37 65#
Miranda 4:01 85#
Luke 3:01 95#
Tim H 4:31 115#
Keith 2:39 Rx
Kenny 3:02 95#

Jen Naspinski said...

Rob Ph - great time, Mr I don't like Grace!
Kate - did you make the leader board?????
I would have liked to see KT and Nina do it side by side - I bet they would have done it even faster.
Special thanks to Megs for coming to support me at the 430. Between her, Joy and Plentus, I had so much coaching/yelling/encouraging : ) Joy, you kicked total ass!!!!

Alison said...

Congrats Kate. Kick ass time!!!!

Danny said...

Jay E you are not human. Awesome job. Yes I sometimes stalk the blog.

donkey still lurking said...

Amazing times from everyone yesterday--nicely done, people. Jay E, you *are* a beast. Callout to Megs who dropped 2 min off her time that she got only a few scant months ago.

Agree with many people re: "anyhow" vs. strict C&J. not that anyone cares anymore what *I* think. but if memory serves, Warnek on on the leader board and i have yet to see him jerk 135 to get it overhead.

One correction though: when Aimee posts "clean" to the blog, it's the one holdout to the rule that it's assumed to be full squat. She's always explicit when it must be Squat Clean to note it accordingly, whereas seeing the word "Snatch" means full squat, full stop, always. Power and Hang variations are always specifically called out regardless of the lift.

But when you see clean, it's usually your choice to full squat or power clean, unless your coach for that class decides to change it for you. There are some coaches who push you to perform the full squat variation because it makes you better.

finally...Plentus...is the split jerk the only "official" jerk in Oly world? I confess I did not know that.

Joy N said...

Thanks J Na...you definitely kept me going too. You kept my breaks short.

JAson said...

If it is not a snatch or an ugly snatch, it will typically fit in Grace.

Aim always puts squat...much to my disagreement. lol.

I forgot what I was arguing. I am sleepy and want my own bed, not an Ibis one.