Congratulations to our Nutrition WINNERS!

Kate C. and C. Peterson (aka Peterbutt)!!

Both these athletes took the challenge to a new level and executed on all three levels.  Performance, Body Composition Change and Nutrition.

Both will receive a FREE month of Unlimited Classes at CFKoP. Congrats!

Kate took her performance from 330 to 344 on our baseline WOD and lost 10% body fat over the course of the challenge!

Peterson took his performance from 314 to 335 on our baseline WOD and lost 5% body fat and almost 10 pounds!

Both athletes zoned to perfection with some LEGIT cheat days!

Please congratulate these athletes as it takes a lot of dedication to make it through the entire month.


Paul S said...

Wow you two! Amazing accomplishments. Keep up the hard work. This is a great example of hard work and dedication, combined with strict nutrition leading to performance gains and body composition change. Very inspiring! Well deserved!

Unknown said...

Congrats guys!! Awesome!

Joy N said...

Congratulations to you both!

Mike S said...

Congrats Kate and Chris! Great job!

Melanie said...

Peterson, glad to see the pregnancy cravings have subsided! Congratulations!!! And Kate, I don't care what the numbers said, losing 10% body fat in a month is VERY hard to do, especially when you were already diesel! Congratulations!!!!

Peterson said...

Thanks guys. I did have help. Lindsey cheered me on the whole way!

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