150 Wall Balls  (20/14# to 10/8')

 (compare to 6.20.11)

Community Notes:
Adventure Race with Mel tomorrow...meet at Valley Forge park at 9:30AM.

"In times like these it helps to recall there have always been times like these"
--Paul Harvey


Melanie said...

Just another reminder: For those of you attending Saturday's Adventure Race. We are REQUIRED to park in the bigger lot off of 252 and have you walk over to the meeting spot. Parking along the road is not permissible. I posted directions and photo's on the facebook page or if you have any trouble at all, call me or text me on my cell 610-805-4006.

Cate said...

9:30 results:

Matt 14:36 rx
Kim C 7:48 (100)
Chris T 10:22 rx
Amanda 14:05 (125)
Kara 8:54 rx
Rinat 9:25 rx
Liz O 13:36 rx
Jessie 10:58 rx
Jonathan 10:19 rx
Cate 8:31 rx

Chris P. said...

I'd like to see someone get a Rx+ on this and do 150 two-fer wallballs.

Paul S said...

I got you Chris.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Roni 7:27 rx
Mike s 11:11 14#
Kim G 11:46 rom
Klutch 8:54 rx
King 8:54 rx
Rebecca 7:06 rx
Bekah 6:56 rx
Jay 8:11 rx
Kt 7:43 Rx+ (9')
Ellie 8:28 rom
Cris 11:01 rx
Becca 10:40 10#

Tommy G 14:46 14#
Peter 9:05 rx
Nick 12:56 rx
Heather 12:40
Mark C 11:34 rx

Keith 8:43 Rx
Schaefer 6:35 Rx
Jim C. 7:49 rx
Becky 13:30 Rc
Mike P 11:22 Rx (2min Pr!)

Shout outs...
Mike S for showing some serious intensity this morning

King for a huge imprpovement, during the open he could not get through 100 wall balls in 12mins, 150 today in under 9!

Schaeffer and Bekah for putting up the best times of the morning!

And Jim C and Keith who went neck and neck right next to each other, that was until Pukie showed up :-)

P.S. I KNOW better than most that it sux to hear that your squats are not below parallel. it can be hard to tell yourself on wall balls. I tell you in service of your awareness and improvemnt (as well as so you can compare future scores.) I'd want a coach to tell me, so I will do the same. Wall Balls are another movement that is unforgiving if there is forward inclination in our squats!!

P.P.S Twofer karen...ewww!

Jim C. said...

I think I was actually 7:59. Also at the nooner:

Jess C. 7:02

Stephanie Vincent said...

Sorry Calciano's - F'ed up your Most awesome scores!

Keith B said...


Paul F 14:47 ROM 20
Alexis 10:37 Rx
Joy 9:32Rx
Balmer 6:54 Rx
Breanna 11:35 Rx
Mark B 9:55 Rx
Justin R 8:48 Rx
WW 10:48 20 box
KSB 9:27 10


Jess S 11:07 Rx
Oji 10:46 14
Anne 11:05 10 ROM
Brian 10:41 Rx
Vinnie 12:44 Rx
Mark Bohen 11;11 14 ROM


Derreck 11:44 Rx
Sandy 12:45 10
Tim McC 11:03 Rx
Ryan S 15:44 14
Jackie 10:07 Rx
Jen S 9:11 Rx+ 9'
Paul S 9:25 Rx


Faby 7:35
Manisha 10:35 Rx
Matt B 13:26 Rx
Dan M 14:19 14
Kyle Bry 12:24 (100) 4lb (7ft)
Oleg 13:53 Rx
Jessi W 9:15 10
Bendan 9:10 Rx
Sam 8:35 Rx
Tim H 11:41 Rx

Sorry for the late post. I crashed as soon as i came home tonight. Everyone did a great job of pushing hard to finish the final WOD of a long week of tough benchmarks!