5 Rounds for Time
800m run
30 Kettlebell Swings (70/55#)
30 Pull-ups

 (compare to 1.27.12)

Community Notes:
Eva is NOT to be under estimated.  If you are unsure about this workout or you are relatively new to CrossFit, we strongly encourage you to scale to half Eva which is the same number of rounds but chopping everything else in half...400m run, 15 KBS, 15 Pull-ups.  If you have any questions, please ask your coach.

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit"
--Harry Truman


Anonymous said...

Oh Wtf

Vinny said...

6:00am results

Rinat 58:39 RX
Lam 32:37 (3rds,35#)
Kelvin 49:24 (MF,45#)
Brian D 48:50 scaled
King 45:25 (55#)
KT 26:37 (3rds)
Lauren 29:44 (half eva,44/band)
Rebecca 44:20 (half p/u,44/band)
Gina 49:24 (35#,red)
Roni 50:00 (35#,minus 30 pullups)

Melanie said...

Hi everyone, for those of you not attending the Adventure Race on Saturday but still want to do something CrossFit related, our friends at CrossFit Generation are hosting a fundraising WOD in honor of Officer Bradley Fox.

The "Fox" WOD will be held this coming Saturday, October 13th with WOD times at 8am, 9am, 10am, and 11am. Please register on their website: http://www.crossfitgeneration.net/

There is an athlete cap for each heat. WOD is posted on their website and scaling will be done as needed for the WOD. The rep scheme is after Officer Fox's badge number 441178.

Melanie said...

Eva = Evil. To think it took KT 26+ minutes to do 3 rounds. UGH. Good luck to everyone doing this full WOD today. And Rinat, nice work man!!!

Mike P said...

This looks horrible.

See you at 5:30p.

King said...

Mel - sorry to ask for the details of this weekend. meant to sign up this am - can you remind me what time the WOD is a VF Park and what is needed if I am bringing food, or should we jsut do own picnic sutff. Also was thinking of bring my kids - anyone else bringing the youngin's

Kristin T. said...

I went until I ripped.

Good luck with this one!

Melanie said...

Hi King, We will be meeting at 9:30 in the parking lot on the other side of the covered bridge in VF Park. There are directions posted at the box or let me know if you need them and I can email them to you. Kids can come if you think they will be ok on the hike and bring your own lunch. We can all hang out afterwards and enjoy a nice picnic. Weather is looking beautiful!

Megs said...

Here are two more Eva comparisons:



Chris P.Lentus said...

happy birthday Tim G! love nerding out on CrossFit/nutrition/anything with you. Hope your day is a great one!

Paul S said...

Ahh KT, was wondering why you went 3 rounds. I ripped too. FML

Stephanie Vincent said...

Afternoon NOTsoDelight with EVA

Paul S 40:19
Nina 55:04

Byrnsey 22:18 1/2 Rounds
Dan M. 28:18 1/2 Rounds/53#/Blu
Chris A 50:47 45/Blu&Gr
Barb 39:27 2full&3half/35/blu)
Dianne 37:19 (1/2rounds/35#/Gr)
Allison 33:21 (1/2rounds/18#/Blk)
Jess C 61:22 (44#/MF)
Monica 43:44 (26#Russian/Gr)
Heather 25:05 (1/2rounds/45#)
Mark B, 32:41 (Row/2rounds+3K)
Ross 29:59 (3rounds RX)

Shout out to Nina who made it to the 100 Double Under Board during the warm up. Also to Chris A for doing the full rounds (I could tell that was a big deal).

I'm going to go out on a limb here, knowing fully well there probably are a few coaches that will disagree with me. I am an advocate of grips for high repition pull ups for several reasons.

1) I'd rather the athlete finish the workout and keep up intensity, if they rip it effects those abilities.

2) Rips suck. The first one is cool...but then you get over it.

3)most peoples, even with good grip strength will rip on high rep pull ups...case in point games athletes.

4) most competitions allow for some sort of grips for pull ups and their cousins. I've never seen tape banned. Correct me if Im wrong

5)If you have to randomly do some sort of body weight feat of strength to save your life, it will be a rep or two, not 150 kipping pull ups.

6) you can make inexpresive tape grips ahead of time for dates with Eva and Angie. Throwing a peice of tape around your hand is not making a tape grip. I'll show you how or you can google it.

7) Gymnastic grips or the grips from again faster are great (much better than gloves. They are leather, they feel funny at first, but once you break them in you don't hardly notice they are there.

8) You can skip the grips on Low rep and deadhang. Build grip strenght there. Not to mention the grip strength built in weightlifting without straps and using conventional grip instead of Mixed on heavy deads.

Thats my humble opinion...i wonder if I'll get away without a fight since jason is in Paris?

Paul S said...

Yeah I never rip, and 300 reps of heavy KBS and PullUps did it. Tape up crew.

TP said...

430 results
Faby 43:37 Rx
Mike T 41:07 Rx
Schaefer 54:51 Rx

Vinnie G 25:37 (baby Eva, 55#)
Ryan B 24:24 (baby Eva)
Becca N (half baby, row)
Rob Ph 32:20 (3rnds+800m scale)
WW 40:16 (55#, jumping pu)

Chris P. said...

Andrew Y. 32:12 baby Eva?
Sean 33:29 800m baby 55# band
Leslie 26:35 baby 35# band
Fran 26:30 baby 26.5# band
Lisa C. 26:12 baby 35# band

what a meeting with Eva! way to hang in there both mentally and physically

Chris P. said...

oops, 5:30 and 6:30 results are still on the box's computer...I will ask whoever is coaching tomorrow morning to post them

Steph, I agree with you except that gymnastic grips and Again Faster versions were not allowed at Regionals. I would default to tape.

Chris P.Lentus said...


Mark 32:38 scale
Flounder 26:51 (1/2 eva, 53#/band)
Sam B 44:54 Rx
Vinny 43: 27 Rx
Keith B 33:03 (3 Rds)
Mike P ??
Kate C 49:42 Rx
Alison 26:59 (1/2 eva, 55#/band)
JNa 31:33 (1/2 eva, 35#/band)
Jen S 31:14 (3 rds)
Tidmore 44:36 (55#/band)
Tim Mc 53:58 Rx
Oleg 52:14 (70#/band)
Manisha 52:59 (26#/band)
Megs 41:56 (45#/400m)
Bre 26:23 (1/2 eva, 26#/band)
Kenny 56:00 (4rds/55#)
Shawn 21:57 (1/2 eva 53#/ring rows)
Patrick 51:13 rx


Balmer 47:51 Rx
Conn 34:32 (3 rds)
AJ 36:20 (1/2 eva)
Derreck 35:24 (1/2 eva)
Danielle 23:16 (1/2 eva, 26#/band)
Pam 22:39 (1/2 eva, 35#/band)
Melissa L 21:32 (1/2 eva, 35#/band)
Jeremy 44:50 (1/2 eva sub 800m, 55#/band)
Matt 39:28 (3 rds, 55#)
Steve W 24:40 (1/2 eva, 45#/band)
Michelle S 21:50 (1/2 eva, 15#/ring rows)
Matt B 26:11 (1/2 eva 53#/band)
Kyle B 39:54 (row, 13#, ring rows)
Jackie H 25:30 (1/2 eva, 35#/band)

Mike P said...

My time was 39:10 Rx.


Chris P. said...

thanks for posting that LP!