FARA Fundraiser and Anniversary Party

Who's coming to our 4 year Anniversary Party and Fundraiser to raise $ for Friedreich's Ataxia and support Kyle?

Email crossfitkopfundraiser@gmail.com or sign up at the box, $30 gets you in to compete and a free T-shirt.

All are welcome, Registration kicks off at 8AM on 10.27.10. Prizes to winners and LOTS of raffles will be available.

WOD will be an AMRAP in 12 Minutes of 5 Pullups, 10R/10L Single ARM DB Thrusters (25#/40#), 15 Burpees. We will host competitive, social and kids divisions.


Kristin T. said...

do we donate on Oct 27th or is there somewhere to submit the donation online?

Anonymous said...

Donations can be made on the 27th - cash or check please. Or left at the box. There's an envelope at the box - just give to any coach.