W.O.D. 1.18.12


and more results...

For time complete the following:
25 Toes to Bar
25 Box Jump 30/34"
25 Hang Power Snatch 75/115#
25 GHD Sit-ups
10 Muscle ups

Community Notes:
Reminder Super Sectional Saturday training will occur this Saturday at 11:00AM.

Personal Best - Workouts have their limits, recognized or not

Embracing the off day

"You're immature if you can't accept reality or responsibility."
- Arnold Glasow


Jason Lyons said...

Hey everyone...this is a reminder to sign up for class in MindBody. We pay attention to that and if people are signing up before hand, we will bring on more coaches to assure that we have enough people on hand. For instance in the 530 class yesterday I had 19 people but only 3 signed up beforehand. If you need help in learning how to sign up, please ask us. Please take advantage of this so we can offer you the best training possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Anonymous said...

Holy high boxes, Batman!

Aimee Lyons said...

scale as necessary on all exercises Mr/Mrs Anonymous

Jason Lyons said...

Look at it this way...they could be higher boxes. If you keep on jumping on a 20 or 24 inch box, you will get REALLY good at jumping on a 20 or 24 inch box. Never be afraid to push your current limitations because in doing so, they soon become realities.

Vinny said...

6:00am Results

Nicole - 14:22 (65#/25"MUT)
Gina - 14:51 (35#/17"/MUT)
Elyse - 13:00 (55#/25"/JMU)
Paul - 13:35 scale - PUKIE
Mike S - 17:15 scale
Manny - 19:36 scale
Drew - 12:05 (75#,30")
Megs - 14:06 scaled
BO - 10:09 (banded MU/25")
Oleg - 13:45 (JMU)
Jon K - 11:28 (75#,JMU,30")
Roni - 18:15 scale
Rebecca S - 15:37 (20",MUT,53#)

Way to push for those high boxes today everyone...Rebecca I hope your shin is ok...Nice intensity throughout the WOD guys, pretty legit on the snatches especially!!

steph said...

irony at its best! hi, I'm new, and this morning would have been my first group class after completing fundamentals yesterday. but, after 2 days straight (with some globo gym/running in between), i realized that i needed a day of rest. (i think i've done more squats in 2 days than I have in 3 months, ha ha.) so, thanks for posting that article aimee! I look forward to my first "real" class tomorrow morning :)

Rebecca S said...

Thanks, Vinny. Think I've identified every hue of the rainbow on that thing!

Dorothy (aka BO) said...

Steph B:
Welcome! I look forward to seeing you at class some day soon. I won't be at the morning class tomorrow, but I pop in occasionally when I can.

Cate said...

12:00 results!

Kara 12:08 (T2B attempts, 21", 45 lbs, transitions)
Lisa 13:20 (15 lb, 17" jpu)
Kim 15:15 (scale)
John C 20:50 rx
Keith 18:43 (jumping mu)
Travis 14:51 (96 lbs, 31", Jumping mu)
Susan 11:30 (scale)
Mike T 9:56 rx
Cate 18:59 rx

Jason Lyons said...

If anyone knows how to secure a Super Bowl ticket, if the Niners get there, please let me know.

Chris P. said...

here are times, scales might be posted in form of pictures

P 10:30 Rx
Tim M 10:29 scale
Brian R 15:53 scale
Rob Ph 16:33 scale
Becca 18:51 scale
Lam 18:50 scale
Josh S. 17:04 scale
Joy 16:48 scale
Rachael 20:04 scale
Kathleen 17:37 scale
Joe C 18:53
Dawn 19:20 scale
Byrnsexy 22:28 scale
Kate 19:50 scale
Chuck 20:15 scale

Vinny 8:32 Rx (turnout?)
Kurt 15:25 scale
Laura 9:31 scale
Tony 9:54 Rx (turnout?)
Schell 15:54 scale
Paul S 11:39 scale
Mel S 9:36 scale
Melinda :)
flounder 16:49 scale
Shawn 9:30 scale
Denise 15:00 scale
Kate FM 15:25 scale
Jerry 14:10
Ben 14:00 scale
Joe P. 12:44 scale
Patrick 10:18 scale

Nick 17:26 scale
Trevor 19:10 scale
Connor 14:43 scale
Faby 12:05 scale
Conn 15:03 scale
Danielle 14:45 scale
Tidmore 11:09 scale
Charles 14:50 scale
Sarah J. 11:43 scale
Randy 17:10 scale
Diego 12:06 scale
Borden 14:27 scale
Jess S. 16:13 scale
Stasie 13:10 scale
Sharon 15:36 scale
Erika 16:44 scale
Krista 13:28 scale
Giovanni 12:30 scale
Ditty 16:31 scale

some new faces to classes (Paul and Mel S, Trevor) and a lot of you faced those big boxes with great courage. (even after some spills, you got right back up and kept going). Kudos to the 5:30 and 6:30 for keeping that hook grip...perhaps it was the 25 burpee penalty that provided incentive?? 4:30, there were a lot of violators but you were off the "hook" because I didn't warn you first.

A question for the owners is: on muscle ups, is a turnout at the bottom prescribed?

Chris P. said...

Also to the new face crowd was Melinda, Tony's wife.

Chris P. said...

Sign in results:

12 out of 15 signed in ahead

6 out of 16 signed in ahead

7 out of 19 signed in ahead

In case you don't know how to sign in ahead, go here: http://aimeesfitnessblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/crossfit-kop-community-thanks-to-all-of.html

Create an account and sign in a week or an hour beforehand. If you happen to forget, or if you end up going to a different class, use your little shoe to scan in. The best way though is to do it online ahead of time because sometimes the screen isn't set up right for the shoe scan. (even if it beeps)