What do you get when you combine 30 adventurous souls, each toting at least 20 – 30 pounds of bricks and other miscellaneous objects (and each other) in and around (and sometimes up and down) the best a city and the surrounding environs has to offer – all in pursuit of various mission based objectives (and sometimes just for the hell of it)?

The GORUCK Challenge.

The Challenge is a team event and never a race. Inspired by Special Forces training and led by Green Berets, the Challenge builds teams and solves problems. Details are never forthcoming, but you can expect 15-20 miles, 8-10 hours , and serious Good Livin’. This being said, the Challenge is famous for under promising and over delivering.

The Challenge will push you to your limits, physically and mentally. Completing it will require maximum effort from you and your teammates, but the rewards are immeasurable.

GORUCK at CrossFit King of Prussia

CrossFit KoP is hosting a special GORUCK WOD on Sunday 3/4 at 11:00AM. This a FREE WOD open to any and all athletes/CrossFitters/GORUCKers interested in meeting the community and doing a workout. Mike P is the expert here, post to comments or find him at the box with any additional questions.


Mike P said...


Jason Lyons said...

For 20 miles, is the use of a car permitted? Thank you.

Katie V. said...

LOL Jason, Mike P you are an animal!

oh darn, I have to study for a test Sunday....

Cline said...

Much like my philosophy on karaoke...

If I can do it, anyone can do it.

It's much more mental than physical.

Discipline matters more than raw strength, though strength certainly helps at times.

The first 20 minutes are indeed the worst.

Also, these are delicious, and it's a great excuse to eat them:


Mike P said...

Jason - a car isn't necessary . . . at some point everyone gets a rest . . . when they are buddy carried . . . water activities also tend to lighten our packs, or make them feel lighter, at least temporarily.

Tidmore said...

Cline -

If you want to save a few bucks they sell them at Trader Joes above the frozen dessert section and at Wegmans in the Scandinavian food section. They sell caramel and vanilla flavors also.

Troy Bratz said...

Let me know if you guys do this again maybe some of us from CFCleveland will make a special drive out to visit y'all.

The Arnold Classic Fitness Expo is going on that weekend in Columbus, OH and every year Rogue Fitness & CrossFit put on a mini-competition.

Nina said...

Shane and I are thinking about doing the one in New York next fall/winter whenever that is :)

Didn't realise the heavy pack was so damn expensive though..any better suggestions?

Cline said...

They had bags to borrow at the one I did (080 - Nov 11), but I think they may be changing their policy on that.

Last I heard, you can use any other ruck or backpack, but they wouldn't have the free ones to lend out.

Mike, feel free to correct that with one of those fact-shaped things.

Mike P said...

The Oracle Cline is correct . . . you can use any other ruck or backpack, but they won't have free ones to lend out . . . they may do some sort of rental thing, but that's not set in stone . . . . personally, I like my GR-1, it works well for loads up to 60# . . . after that I rely on my new love . . . an Eberlestock Warhammer which I put through its paces this weekend.

The lack of a hip belt limits the GR-1 for extremely heavy loards, but it's my everyday bag for work and training, and it takes a crapload of abuse.

If you're going to use something other than a GR-1, my suggestion would be to look for something with a hip-belt and/or something that you're gonna be comfortable using in everyday life.

REI typically has some pretty good deals.

pc said...

Already signed up for #GoRuckPhilly 5/12 22:00. Have to work that Sunday so won't make the WOD but I'll see everyone at the Ruck.

Fargo007 said...

Is the GORUCK WoD on 3/4 posted somewhere?

Alumni of GRC 081/Phila.

I'd like to know more about it. What equipment I need to bring, etc.


Mike P said...

@ Fargo - it hasn't been posted yet . . . . one thing you'll definitely need to bring is peanut M&M's.

Kendall said...

do we have to register for this or do we just show up?