2011 Open Sectionals

It’s that time of year again and I do not mean making resolutions...I mean competing in the CrossFit Games Open Sectionals. Last year, CF KoP had over 30 members participating throughout the Open. Everyone was competing for a different reason but in the end everyone had a blast. We encourage each of our members to consider participating in the Open. You will find out a lot about yourself and you just may be able to help the team. Last year, several of our members, that were not on the Regionals team, recorded a score in an individual Sectionals workout that helped the team place high in Open Sectionals. It truly was a total gym effort and I hope the same thing happens again this year. For those that were not members at the time, the gym was FULL of intensity and it was without question something I looked forward to every week.

Last year, we decided to let the CF programming chose for us. The top three men and top three women from Open Sectionals comprised our Regional team for 2011. This year will be slightly different; we will take the top 6 men and top 6 women from Open Sectionals and they will compete against one another in the Regional WODs from 2011 to determine the top three men and women to comprise the 2012 CF KoP Team. There are several reasons for this…

1) The Sectionals occur over 5 weeks but at Regionals you may be asked to do 3 or more workouts in one day and we need to know how you can perform in that environment.
2) The Regional workouts from last year comprise high level skill and strength movements…two things that continue to be present in CF competitions at higher levels but may be absent at lower levels.
3) This gives everyone more time to work on your weaknesses if you have not been doing so already.
4) In the unfortunate event that a high level member gets hurt during Regionals, this would be an opportunity for them to prove their potential.

If you remember the workouts from Regionals, you should become proficient in ALL of the following: HSPU, Heavy Thrusters, Heavy Deadlifts, High Box Jumps, Heavy Snatches, Muscle-Ups, etc. We offer 4 Strength classes weekly, Monday/Friday 7:30PM, Thursday 5:30PM & Saturday at 11:00AM, these should be used as competition classes for training and strength building prior to the "open" secionals.

If there are any questions related to Open Sectionals or the CF KoP Team, please see Jason at the gym.


Jason Lyons said...

Who will make the top 3? Let the speculation begin. I think of the 6 team positions, there will be a heck of a fight for some of them! It is going to be epic to watch.

Members have been training weaknesses for months now and it is time to see if the hard work has paid off.

John C said...

Looking forward to helping the team.

Mike P said...

I'm at least two years away from being any meaningful help with this . . . that being said, I'm happy to serve as cannon fodder and otherwise help out the badasses at the Box in any way I can.

Chris P. said...
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Chris P. said...

so 6 regional wods over 2 days last year...same thing for KoP?

Stephanie Vincent said...

When the first announced there would be no sectionals competition weekends but rather the open....we worried that a sence of community would be lost. It was quite the opposite within our affilate and crossfit wide.

ANYONE can (and should) participate in this. Last year it was set up so most crossfitters could least log a score each week.

I think Jason is right...this year team KOP qualifying, should be quite interesting!

Is anyone planning on trying to go individual this year??

Jason said...


I have thought about all of this and didn't want to post all of the details. I am most concerned about over training and will assure you it is not a problem.