Post Holiday Sugar Detox Challenge

In this 3 week challenge you will:

* Have more energy
* Learn how to find where sugar hides in many foods that you think don’t have sugar
* Learn how sugar impacts you and your mood
* Lose a few pounds…
* Feel better


Now through January 5th $40
Click here to register for the challenge

As part of the 3 week challenge you will get:

* Packet to get you started with information on the challenge, shopping list, and information on how to find sugar in foods
* Weekly email with tips to help support your detox
* Supplemental recipe ideas
* Email support from Laura for any of your questions / follow up questions from the materials
* Access to the Facebook Group: Sugar Detox Challenge - Laura Pappas Health to share community success, struggles, and ideas
* Bonus: Weekly Group conference call (if interest is here, we’ll schedule it!)
* Bonus: 20 minute call with Laura during the challenge
* Bonus: Weekly Food journal support and commentary

Additional Items to help support you in the challenge:

* Grocery Store Tour to help get your kitchen stocked and ready to go (sign up for the challenge and contact me for a discout code, reduced to $35 as part of the challenge – regular prices $50) - Sunday January 8th at 11am at Wegmans in Collegeville
* Additional 30 minute one on one coaching session with Laura ($30 as part of the challenge)
* All Crossfit KoP members will also receive the opportunity to get body fat analysis and measurements at the start and end of the challenge.

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