Westside at CrossFit KoP

Are you interested in finding out more about KOP's Westside program?

Come to our **FREE** class on 1.21.12 (from 12-2)...and don't forget to sign up in MindBody.

We will have most of our regular Westside crew there to
talk about the program and do some Q&A with Donkey, and then we'll do a
Westside-style WOD. Come ready to sweat! May not last the full two
hours--it depends on the number of people who attend. We hope to see
you there!

And, congratulations to Tim H, who won the Westside Bodyweight Sled Challenge, finishing the 400m in a blazing fast 7:18. Congratulations, Tim!


Jon Schell said...

Tim H. can probably do a double bodyweight 400m pull in sub-10.

Mark C said...

I've never heard of Westside. Is it a variation on Crossfit or something completely different?

donkey said...

@Mark C: Westside is a strength program that is complementary to CrossFit work, and similar in some ways, as it recognizes that you do not necessarily improve your performance in the slow lifts (deadlift, squats, bench) simply by doing those lifts---you also have to address weaknesses that prevent you from going bigger. For example, if you have a weak grip, your deadlift may be stalled out simply because you can't hang onto the weight, not because you can't lift more. Or, your pecs could take more bench but your triceps are too weak. If you're accustomed to compensating for those weaknesses using other muscles, you may never fully develop that particular lift. Westside employs what they call the conjugate method, which is basically a ton of variations on the lifts plus assistance work, constantly varied up, to attack your weaknesses and build your strength. Example: deadlift we may do rack pulls, superwide sumo straightleg deads, sumo deads, good mornings, deadlifts from foam, banded deadlifts, etc...PLUS assistance work on grip, back, glutes, hamstrings, etc.

The intro class will cover all this plus how the program works with CrossFit to get you stronger.

Mark C said...

Donkey, thanks for that. I'm planning to go to the session and learn more. See you then.

Jason Lyons said...

it took you WAY too long to mention conjugate. lol

- the donkey said...

@Jason: always a critic. CONJUGATE.