W.O.D. 1.28.12

Push Press
5 -3- 1


CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.1

10 Minute AMRAP

30 Double-unders
15 Power snatches (75/55)

Paleo 101 by L. Pappas

Community Notes:
Open Sectional Training will occur at 11AM today!


“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.”

- Oliver Wendell


Shawn 4 Rx
Flounder 4 55 SU
Beth 4 35 SU
Balmer 5 Rx
Lam 4 63
Becca 4 35 SU
Mike S. 3 53 SU
Ken 3 53 SU
Roni 5 25 SU
Matt G 4 35 SU
Doug 3 33 SU
Cate 3 (5 mins)55
Aimee 3 (5 mins)55
KT 4 Rx
Keith Rx
Heather 5 35 SU
Megs 5 45
Tracy 5 33 SU
Miranda 5 Rx
Mike V 5 FS
Danny 7 Rx
Tamas 4 65/DUA
Faby 5 SU
Shoeless 3 Rx
Katie 4 45/SU


Stephanie Vincent said...

When I did finished this WOD last year- I thought I don't ever want to do that again! Lol worst Fran cough ever. Then again Plentus did it twice that same morning!

Alex Warn said...

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