Have you noticed the bullietin board outside of the lobby bathrooms?

It's a place where you can...

Celebrate your own monthly PR's & achievements or challenge another athlete to their highest potential!
It's time to post a goal for 2012!

You can post a goal anytime during the year but be sure to fill in the "date achieved' when you accomplish it! If you haven't come up with a CrossFit goal for 2012, here's a quote from the CrossFit Goal Setting Blog to help you out....

Before developing goals, ask yourself the following questions:

1) What is SO important about this goal that I MUST accomplish it?
2) What excites me about the accomplishment of this goal?
3) How will the quality of my life improve once my goal is accomplished?

“You have to have passion for the goal. You need to select goals that fire you up, that provide you with an intense amount of motivation, inspiration and direction. You should be so fired up about them you can barely fall asleep at night because you can’t wait to get up and go about achieving them.”
- Greg Amundson

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