W.O.D. 1.2.12

You are signing up for the "Open" ---right?

for time complete
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

(compare to 7.13.11)

This weekend we are hosting a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Course therefore there will be no classes held at the gym. We will be hosting T&P adventures at 9AM on both Saturday and Sunday--meet and park at Frosty Falls. This is open to Members and friends and family.

"Worry never accomplishes anything. When you have a problem, it is best to concentrate on the solution to that problem, not the problem itself."
-Thomas D. Willhite


John C. 21:51
Mike T. 18:51
Chris (NZ) 24:19
Mike P. 20:52
Brian R. 25:18
Dorothy 22:40
Shawn 26:49
Byrnsie 19:59
Tamas 22:16
Dan 28:47
Laura 16:19
Keith 27:27
Olan 24:11
Gabe 25:14
Tim M. 18:15
KT 24:23

Jay E. 27:14 DC -pullup rom
Conn 32:09
Patrick 23:51


Steph V 36:56 mf
Doug D 38:17 1/2 reps band
Lam 34:44 band
Becca 36:56 band
Roni 14:10 1/2 reps, 25:20 75 reps jump
Ditty 37:05 band knees
Ciera 33:30 knees, jump, ab
Beth O 33:35 knees band
Susan B. 31:00 mf
Kathleen 29:33 ab/red
Becky 34:25 DC -depth
Lauren 13:10 1/2 reps, 21:31 75, jump
Barb Z. 33: 21 band
Jason L 11:17 1/2 reps
Mel 10:52 1/2 reps
Ph 24:41 band
Megs 8:38 1/2 reps
Diego 14:48 1/2 reps
Jna 29:40 band
Jordan 13:20 band
Mike S. 32:03 MFband
Sharon 20:56 1/2reps sub bj
Shoeless 13:01 1/2 reps
Josh S. 26:05 MFband
Liz 28:23 band
Katie V 23:02 green band
John S 26:45 5 x 20 rounds, green band
Kate K 22:01 green, knees
Jerry 26:20 box
Randy 33:19 band, knees
Borden 33:05 gr band
Conor 28:37 band
Miranda 15:30, 1/2 reps
Jeff 11:34, 1/2 reps
KSB 29:33, knees
Alison 18:06, green
Luke 19:21, 1/2 reps, black
Sean S. 23:14 snake
Mark B. 13:16, 1/2 reps
Krista N. 17:00 1/2 reps, band knees

Josh S.
3:30PM - early happy hour?!

Welcome to Roni - first class!
John C, Mike T, Ditty and Chris from NZ battle with the pull-ups
Warm up fun!


Unknown said...

Hello from Czech Republic! I'm disapointed I'm missing this one, I was looking forward to getting my revenge now that I can sorta do kipping pullups!

Mike P said...

20:52, Rx . . . bring it, Kate ;-)

TP said...

7am Zzzz...

Mike P 20:52 Rx

Way to go Mike with the 7min PR over the first time this benchmark wod was tried over 4 months ago.

Melanie said...

Darn, I thought there was a nooner today.
Way to go Mike P! Tough one to do alone.

Mike P said...

Mel, thanks :-) It's only a 6:29 improvement . . . I'd like to believe I can hit below 20:00 the next time around. Tim and I were feeling mighty unloved this morning, but he (as always) brought the proper motivation.

Arin said...

Is this done in a row or can you split it up into sets?

Mark C said...
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Chris P. said...

this is supposed to be in a row (complete all 100 pull ups and then move on). Although you could do half Angie (50 of each) I would actually recommend scaling whatever sections you need to scale. (e.g. 50 pull ups, 50 push ups, 100 situps, 100 air squats)

best guys in the world can do this sub 10.

Stephanie Vincent said...

sub 10- mind blowing. I liked aimees explaination this morning. There is crossfit the sport and crossfit the fitness program :-)

This workout offers a different type of mental challange. Sets seem to help most of us manage the suck- without them not only do our muscles fatique but our ability to ignore the voice in our head gets weaker. But this is an opporunity- to counter the voice by simply focusing on where we are-- on the single rep we are on. THinking about how much we have done and how much we have left- only makes things harder and actually slows our performance down. sometimes life- like Angie is long, repetitive and taxing on one set of our abilities. This workout is great practice for those times!

Dorothy said...

Don't feel bad Olan. If we were in the same class I would have cheered you on for your last 50 squats.

Melanie said...

Dorothy- oh snap!!!!

Laura Pappas said...


Katie V 23:02 green band
John S 26:45 5 x 20 rounds, green band
Kate K 22:01 green, knees
Jerry 26:20 box
Randy 33:19 band, knees
Borden 33:05 gr band
Dan 28:47 Rx
Conn 32:09 DC
Conor 28:37 band

Chris P. said...

Happy birthday Todd! I'm glad Chase will have a great role model to look up to and workout with!

Olan said...


Not a good start to the year, I could have used some cheering during the push ups. Get the gloating in now, you probably won't beat me again till April.

In an unrelated note; Aimee can you not program OHS till April.

Jason Lyons said...

Steph, I am gonna disagree with you. For me, it is vital to think about what you have left and what you have done. For instance, in a race to 100 squats and I have 10 left, there is no way I am stopping. However, if I treat it as a single rep in time, I will not know how many more I have to go and would get discouraged much faster. Just saying.

Stephanie Vincent said...

I absolutly agree with you Jason. I think about whats left and as it decreases that can certainly motivate me and help me go faster. (I am definitly a finisher.) I guess I'm talking more about the beginning through the middle of a high rep set. The part when you wonder how you will ever finish. Thats when just attacking each rep is important rather then getting discouraged or waste time on numbers or clock.

There is this natural moment at the end, which I think is often similar to life as well. As we reach the end of a longterm process that was not easy, seeing the end in site absolutly helps us to finish. mostly becuase our perspective changes.

and perspective is a whole nother topic that is HUGE in mental game of cf and life in my opinion :-)

Stephanie Vincent said...

P.s I said one rep but essentially focusing on smaller sets (5,10, 20) instead of the daunting task of 100 is the same practice

Aimee Lyons said...

Olan - no promises. sorry. only bribes taken...jk

Sooki said...

Now that is a funky Soul Train