"The Sport of Fitness has arrived and so have some new Classes at CFKoP"

Class Announcement and A Reminder...

Exciting news! Starting Feb 2, we are adding THREE new classes to our
existing schedule:

Tuesday 12:00 noon: Westside Barbell/Strength Class, led by Donkey
Thursday 6am: Daily WOD, led by Laura
Friday 7am: Daily WOD, led by Steph

These classes are already available in MindBody for sign up--which
brings us to a gentle reminder. Please remember to reserve your spot
in MindBody before arriving at the box. We want to make sure that
we have enough coaches on hand to maximize your learning and
safety--so please sign up before you show up! If more than 25 people
arrive for class (which has been happening from time to time!), we
reserve the right to limit attendance to those who reserved a spot.
If you're not sure how to use MindBody, just ask any coach.

Thanks and enjoy the new classes!


Drew said...

Thanks for adding the 6am class! What are the coaches thoughts on training four days on, three days off? Is this productive? Is it too much time on or off? Thanks in advance for any advice!

Stephanie Vincent said...

I would say- try it and see how you feel.

Crossfit's "sweet spot" prescription is 3 on 1 off. But there are all all sorts of training schedules people follow. The great thing about crossfit is a little can go a long way. Even those doing it 1x week report improvements in their fitness- which is pretty awesome.

Personally, three in a row is doable for me- but by the third day my intensity is different for sure, by the 4th I feel like its counter productive. Nothing left in the tank as they say (not only physically but mentally)

I think there is no one answer.
Its about finding a balance between whats best for your body and what works for your life.

Whatever way you go, I have no doubts about your improvement- your dedication and commitment to be your best is quite apparent!

Melanie said...

Hi Drew, I don't think we've met yet so hello! I agree with Steph in that there really isn't a set prescription on how many days in a row you should work out. I do think that after 3 days, you will be lacking in strength, power and intensity so it may not be as beneficial to go beyond 3 days in a row without a rest day or you may risk injury. I personally prefer 2 days on 1 day off but that is just how my body responds to WODs and performs best with.

Drew said...

Thanks Steph and Melanie! I'll definitely give it a shot! I'd like to be able to go more often, so hopefully this works.

Drew said...

I also need to try to follow some of the body weight workouts at home on one of the three off days.