W.O.D. 1.1.12

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Your goals for 2012.

"The power of imagination makes us infinite."
– John Muir


Sarah J. said...

To Rx a WOD :)

Jon Schell said...

Bench 300+
Squat 400+
Deadlift 500+
Crossfit Total 1000+
5 or more unbroken double unders.
Muscle up.

And yes, I'm at work right now =(

John c said...

10 muscle club.
1000+ lbs cft.
Start working pull up maxs

Happy new year all

Steph V said...

Notable CrossFit/Fitness Accomplishments in 2011

-became a CFL1 trainer and certificates in Kids and Oly Lifting
-Became an Assistant Coach at KOP
-Helped start Steve's Club KOP
-Article published in CFJ
-Accepted as volunteer writer for CFgames site 2012
-3rd place in Hybrid Partner Competition HWW division
-developed my squat
-improved form in my lifts with PRS in all- most notable 125S, 170C, 335DL , 300 sumo DL, 115 SP
-Achieved a handful of RX kipping pullups
-Isabel RX
-Kicked into handstand on the wall (becky rocks)
-25' BJ PR and 21" in WODS
-Fell in love with adult gymnastics
-learned and grew as a coach, athlete and person.

CrossFit/Fitness goals for 2012

2) Cultivate mental, emotional, & spiritual practices in my workouts for better performance in the gym and in life.
3) Take opportunity's to try/experience new things with my body
4) Learn and grow as a coach- taking all opportunities to do so.
5) To have positive and powerful impact on the adults and kids I coach.
6) Help grow and develop the Steve's Club and Kids programs at KOP
7) Continue to connect with and participate in the wider crossfit community.
8) Improve form in all movements especially the lifts. (special emphasis on the Jerk)
9) accomplish as many new body weight movements/gymnastics unassisted as possible (those that I want most are-kipping pull up, cartwheel, KTE, T2B, Rope Climb)

So glad to have spent another year with this AMAZING community. Thank you all for how you have supported me and helped me grow. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings.

P.S. I forgot one goal- give john c. a hard time whenever i can :-)

Jason said...

Went realistic this year.

1) Practice gymnastics twice a week, particularly MU, Pistol, Butterfly

2) Stretch more

3) Row 1,000,000 meters in 2012

4) Focus on strength and Oly lifting at least once a week

Whatever gains come from dedication, I am willing to accept. Focus on the things that I can control.

Mike P said...

- Muscle ups
- Kipping that isn't butt ugly
- Improve my oly form (which sucks)
- Sub 45 "Murph"
- Bench: 250
- Squat: 375
- Deadlift: 425
- CF Total: 950+

Melanie said...

Here were my 2011 goals and how I measured up:

1. I want my 95# clean and jerk to feel like my 65# clean and jerk (not quite feeling 'that' light but I accomplished Grace Rx and love that I can C&J 95# more easily than before)
2. Wolverine (I was travelling for work when this took place)
3. 225# Deadlift (my form still sucks over around #175. I hit #225 at festivus I think but I can't say I have accomplished this with any sort of regularity)
4. 160# Back Squat (I hit 150# which I am happy with)
5. 80# snatch (hit 83# and can reach 80# with less "falling on my ass")
6. Break through my 85# should press plateau (hit 90# this year)
7. More CORE work to improve my knees to elbows and toes to bar (These are both better for me but still need more work in this area)
8. 10+ consecutive kipping pull-ups (done)
9. 10+ consecutive DU’s (done but not consistently enough- I am still a spaz)
10. Full depth HSPU (down to a 10# plate + 1 ab mat)
11. Execute a ring dip without the band (I can manage this but not well)
12. Start running again (didn't happen)

So I will continue to work on the things I did not accomplish or hit with regularity. My 2012 goals include:
1. stretch more
2. Work GHD and reverse hyper at least once per week (I know there are weeks that go by where all I do is "lean" on them
3. Be more consistent with my work outs
4. Rx more
5. Pick one skill per month and work on it consistently for that month post WODs (more pull-ups, HSPU, ring dips, etc..)

Drew said...

Since I'm new, this is a great way to kick off my 2012 goals and goals I had coming in.

Bench 225 (body weight)
Squat 350 (provided my form isn't too bad from lifting on my own)
Deadlift 400 (same as squat)
Fran Rx (no time, just complete it)

Skills to work on:
Wall squats

Jen S. said...

Jen S's goals:

The elusive Muscle Up - yes I've been trying to get this for 2 years....


Butterfly pullups

Continue increasing my strength for lifts, especially overhead lifts.