Holiday Schedule

Don't shoot your eye out - your WOD schedule might be a little modified, but check out the fun we have in store for you this holiday season.
"Happy Holidays from your CrossFit KoP Coaches"

12/15 - Festivus

12/23 - 12 days of Christmas - Open WOD from 1-4PM; the 12 days/exercises will be announced that day.

12/24 - CLOSED

12/25 - CLOSED

12/26 - 12 PM ONLY - Team WOD - Friends and Family are welcome. This is a FREE class.

12/27-12/29 - Resume normal schedule

12/30 - Open Gym, 1-4PM (no regular classes)

12/31 - Special HERO WOD 10AM-1PM (no regular classes)

LCDR Jack Ryan is participating in a 3 month challenge to complete 66 Crossfit Hero Workouts in 92 days! For every workout completed, Jack will donate $1 to the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation. Please visit Jack's blog: www.66herowodsin3months.blogspot.com to view his progress and get more information concerning the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation.
We invite all CrossFit KoP members to support this effort on December 31, 2011 when we will be doing "Bull" in honor of this event. Donations in support of Jack's efforts will be accepted by CrossFit KoP on behalf of the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation. Thank you for your support!

1/1 - CLOSED

1/2 - Resume normal schedule

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