W.O.D. 12.26.11

Flounder on Push-ups



12:00 Team WOD
(friends and family are welcome)

Team WOD
AMRAP in 26 minutes
5 person teams complete the following . . . . while one team member is doing a shuttle run, each other team member is doing kettlebell swings, box jumps, pushups or resting . . . rotate on the "shuttle sprints" score is total reps of the KBS, BJ's and Push-ups

"The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you,
Whose presence calls forth your best."

Amanda, Becca, Jamison, Ronnie, Kathleen, Mark B = 1412
Meg, Rory, Mike, Christine, Jeff= 1489
Vinny, Tony, Sarah, Kelli, Flounder = 1387
Kevin B, keith, Olan, Kathie, Kara= 1341
Megs, Kate C. Kristin T, Dorothy, Mike P= 1515
Patrick, Joanne, Joe C. Travis, Mickey, Michelle=1393
Rhonda, Lynne, Lauren, Dan, Joe = 1442
The Z's- Kit Z, Steve Z, Ali Z, Christina Z, JZ = 1194
Jeff, ,Jay E, Tori Pete, Steph V. = 1315
Laura, Sara, Ron, Sandi Joe = 1481
Jna, Arin, Erika, KSB, Vere = 987
Cline, Joe, Randy, Kelly, Mark = 1085


katie V. said...

what is the wod? i want to do it with my sister in MD

Mike P said...

. . . another fun one!!!!!!!

Stephanie Vincent said...

such a great time today with the "family" and their families!!!