W.O.D. 12.15.11

Working in teams of 3 or 4 complete the following for time, two people working at a time:

300 Kettlebell Swings (35/55#)
200 Burpees
100 Ring Dips
50 Sliders (1- slider = 25 feet)

Community Notes:
Festivus will kick off at 5:30PM tonight.

We will be holding the regular 7AM, 12Noon, & 4:30 classes today.

"Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."
-Victor Kiam

Dianne & Lauren M 23:29 (1/2 reps, scaled)
Olan, Kevin & Mark C. 32:03 (scaled)
Mike W, Sarah W & Kristin SB 32:03 (scaled)


shoeless said...

Sorry if this was answered already...but should we wrap our $5 gift for the gift exchange?

John C. said...

Cant believe I'm missing my first festivus. Have a blast guys.

TP said...

Yes Shoe! wrap it up deceivingly well, that's all part of the exchange fun.

Bob Cieszkowski said...

Aimee, very cool seeing you on the CFJ kids deadlift video. Happy Festivus!

TP said...

Team Early Festivus 7am
Dianne & Lauren M 23:29 (1/2 reps, scaled)

Aimee Lyons said...

Happy Birthday to Mike F! Does that mean we are in store for Birthday Burpees tonight at festivus?

Bob- thanks...what did you think of my angry gorilla? haha!

Shoeless- yes, you want to keep the excitement of the gift contained until it's opened!

John C. we will miss you...

Jason Lyons said...

who is john c? does he still come to the gym?


Jason Lyons said...

The blog is too quiet...it has been for some time now. Bring it back people. I know you are checking it! I will start the discussion. Megs sent me a link discussing the pros and cons of Russian versus American KBS. I TOTALLY disagreed with the article but I will save my diatribe for last. What are your thoughts?

Jeff said...

Jason, 2 thoughts:

1. Like John C, I'm really sorry that I won't be there tonight, Happy Festivus to all!

2. Please post the link so the info can be evaluated, many may not be aware of the differences between the American and Russian KBS. And we haven't worked on our CrossFit mind-reading skills in a while (lol).

Jon Schell said...

In mother Russia, kettlebell swings YOU.

Megs said...

Here's the article!

JZuck said...

I didn't read the article yet, but I would just imagine that for CF purposes the America KBS is better because more power is generated based on the distance the KB travels.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I think that even though they're both "Kettle Bell Swings", they're actually quite different exercises with the American KBS being the one requiring more skill to get the form and movement right. As far as that goes, I agree with the article that it is very easy to try and go to heavy on the American and completely mess up the form, but I don't think one needs to replace the other, they're both viable exercises and both can(should) be used.

Unknown said...

Btw, if you want to take kipping to a new level:

John C. said...

No comment jay.

Jason Lyons said...

the article was biased.

1) i can show a person doing a bad russian swing and someone doing a good american swing just as easily

2) the whole idea that you shouldn't have a weight above your head because it compresses your spine is insane to me...does this mean that OHS, jerks, presses, snatches, etc are all bad too?

3) when your body is capable of further range of motion, why not train it

4) to assume that we do not use our hips in an american swing is insane. I cannot just pick up a 70 pound bell in the path of a swing. i HAVE to use my hips like i would in the russian.

4) find the period of a movement..how many can be done in a minute using insignificant weight. for russian it is around 47, for american it is around 40. so put this in your head as reps/min. now lets take what jz said. the american swing travels twice as far as the russian swing. i have found literature that says on a 6 foot person, the american goes 6.5ft and the russian goes 3.25ft. so, think of this in (ft/rep)

ft/rep times reps/min = ft/min. if we assume 1 pound for the american bell, that is 240ft-lb/min. if we do it with the russian, that is 152.75.

SOOOOO, to equal the amount of power produced from the american, you would need to use a bell that weighed 1.6 times as much. so, if you are a guy swinging the 70, you would need to use a 112 pound bell. not a bad thing but we don't have any.

i am done.

Chris P. said...

I don't think Larry is implying all people should always do the Russian, but I think he's distinguishing the competition swing as more of a kb snatch (pull straight up the body and lock out overhead). We see this plenty of times at events and competitions, even at our own box during Helen meets Grace. It still needs a hip pop, but it's a focus on the end result (faster cycles), not the means. Larry advocates for the Russian so that people don't pull with the arms.

Maybe we should get this for the gym: http://store.kettlebellinc.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=11292 WFS

Jason Lyons said...


I agree with that part. I do not consider all Games movements a Kettlebell swing either. However, when tasked with moving an object that just so happens to be a kettlebell to the overhead position, people will get creative. My argument is more in the efficacy of the swings, if both done properly, to generate power.

I have several friends that are RKC and when I ask them why they do Russian, they really do not have an answer. I would really love to find out too.

When reading it again, I still feel he is against American swings, even if done properly because of any arm component. He makes it seem like it is entirely an arm movement and that is simply not true.

Chris P. said...

oh, so ironic...CF Football WOD is kettlebell swings today (Friday). They want Russian for the explosive hip power.


Sarah J. said...

4:30pm results

Brian, Mark & Gabe 36:33 (scaled)
Miranda,Bo & Alison 29:20 (scaled)
Fab,Sean & Patrick 34:27

Good job everyone...those sliders looked painful!!