Westside Intro Class + Box-wide Challenge:

Hearing rumors about Westside/conjugate programming at KOP and how much stronger people are getting in just a few months? The rumors are true! Everyone who has been following our new Westside programming steadily has already seen increases in their squat and deadlifts. Check it:

Joe A: Back squat increased from 405 to 425
Tim G: Back squat increased from 225 to 285 and has totally rebuilt his deadlift form
Miranda: back squat increased from 165 to 185, and she's rehabbed her deadlift back up to 265, pain-free, after previous injury
Jon Schell: Flat bench jumped from 260 to 295 and back squat made a huge jump 220x3 to 305x1
Katie V: back squat of 153...a massive PR to hit only a few short months after starting CrossFit

All this...in less than three months.

Curious? Good!

We are holding a FREE Westside Intro Class on Saturday, January 21, at 12PM-2. The purpose is to talk about the program, why it works, and how it works at KOP, plus answer any questions you have. We'll also discuss/demo some of the unique exercises that we do in Westside--although many of the exercises will be familiar to you, there are some new twists in this programming. Finally, if you're so inclined, try a Westside WOD for yourself. Westside regulars will be there along with Coach Donkey to help you explore this awesome program.

and...because it's CrossFit...the Westside crew has a challenge for the rest of the box:

One of our favorite things to do at the end of a WOD is to load a sled with bodyweight and take it for a nice 400m walk. In the spirit of competition, the Westside regulars challenge the rest of you: Fastest 400m sled pull loaded at your bodyweight (or more) gets a free Westside private session with Donkey!


1. Must be at least bodyweight on the sled to win the private session--you are welcome to go heavier but we don't want you staggering like a drunk with the weight--you should be able to pull with an even stride.
2. Must be done at the END of a WOD...the same way we do it, not before a WOD.
3. Walk must be the standard KOP 400m--no fair doing 2x200. If we have to go all the way to the river and back up that hill & speed bump, you do too.
4. Walk starts and ends with the sled touching the sidewalk in front of the side door.
5. Walk must be completed by Christmas for inclusion in the challenge.

May the best man/woman win! Submit your times at the box (there is a challenge form under the whiteboard near the bathrooms).


Tim Gee said...

I hate that speedbump.

Tim H said...

Can I take the best time of multiple attempts?