Clean and Jerk Clinic

Sunday 2/19/11 from 11am-2pm

Cost: $50

Learn a detailed breakdown of this famous Olympic lift and get personalized feedback on your form. We will go over progressions of the lifts, assistance exercises, and we will also have video analysis of your C+J to analyze it in slow motion. All levels of experience are welcome, but there is a 10 person cap. Email chris@crossfitkop.com to reserve your spot.


Jon Schell said...

It's about time. >=(

Chris P. said...

Some feedback from previous participants:

"I liked the video first and then after, that was very helpful in knowing what to work on - I would definately do that again in the future."

"It was awesome! Thank you Chris for offering this class. Similar to EC's snatch clinic, the clean and jerk is also a technical move with multiple steps and things to remember as you are doing it. Classes like this really provide practice time which helps a lot. Form is key with all of these moves so it is great to have time to really break them down and work on them in a relaxed setting. Great job with your instruction."

"The one thing I took away most from this clinic is that this exercise requires enormous patience and everyone needs to practice regularly to get my form right without getting discouraged. Keeping my arms straight as I start the motion and allowing my knees to go pack as if pulled by two strings are two other things I learned form you which I try to remember every time I start a rep. Overall, great class Chris! I will definitely be looking to sign up for the next ones you offer."

"Things I learned? How to set my back, back angle constant, get your knees out of the way, keep the bar close, scoop, arms straight on the triple extension, quick elbows, how to split properly on the split jerk, how and when to breathe, pause before you do the jerk...A LOT!"

Laura Pappas said...

This is 100% worth it for anyone working on their clean - I did it once and would do it again!

Chris P. said...

6 spots filled, 4 left. Then a standby list.