Congratulations to Laura and Tim

Laura completed the Phila 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles) Time: 1:47 8:09 avg pace/mile and Tim completed the Phila 8k (4.97333miles) or FIVE Time: 32:18 6:29 avg pace/mile.

W.O.D. 11.23.09
5 rounds each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely 3 minutes rest between each round. Clock will run through the entire WOD, athletes will keep track of their individual 3 minute rest.

Get ready for three days of LADIES!!! We will be doing three Benchmark ladies this week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be filled with a few of your favorite ladies. We will be closed Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday. CrossFit King of Prussia will re-open for our normal schedule on Saturday.

Specialty Classes:
CrossFit Kids-7-12 years 4:30 PM Monday
CrossFit Kids-4-7 years 4:45 PM Tuesday
CrossFit Lite Class-All ages. 7:30PM Tuesday
Click here for the CrossFit KoP Weekly Schedule

The Story of Your Body.

"The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something. You can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent."
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Kara 6:10/5:50/6:44/7:58/8:00
Chris 6:15/6:17/7:47/8:05/8:28
Donkey 6:00/9:04/9:02/9:03/8:11
Evan 3:27/4:01/4:34/4:49/4:57
Chris P 2:12/3:08/4:38/3:35/4:00
Trish 6:06/6:57/7:50/703/6:09
JZ 4:04/5:21/6:01/5:55/6:00
Dorothy 5:23/14:40/23:47/23:16/33:16/41:56
Jamie 6:08/6:56/8:08/6:09/6:53 Jumping
Steph 8:03/15:39/30:57/42:13/53:09
Cate 3:37/10:21/17:36/25:01/32:14
Maura 6:04/16:15/28:22
Miranda 5:50/7:22/8:03/8:01/8:11
Mike F 6:26/6:51/8:17/8:48/10:07
Kelly 6:35/8:40/9:04/7:16/7:48
Cliff 4:49/7:11/7:00
Katie 10:47/9:44/10:31
Mike B 6:11/6:27/7:53/8:56/7:54
Jen S 5:28/7:44/8:49/8:35/8:07
Gunther 4:22/4:21/5:40
Sam B 3:18/3:12/4:18/5:29/5:21
Jerry 4:33/5:27/8:26/8:24/6:52
Curin 5:25/?/10:28/7:21/8:34
Melanie: 5:10/6:40/7:44/
Joe A 6:08/9:46/11:34/12:10/8:29
Westwood 7:31/8:34/10:01/9:49/8:06
Kerry 6:32/6:28/6:45/7:00/7:19
Rob 4:38/4:55/5:57/6:22/8:59
Liz 6:14/6:08/5:47/6:50/5:59
Shawn 4:09/4:44/5:47/7:05/5:41
Jim C 5:46/8:43/9:44/9:33/7:20
Lisa 4:38/5:07/5:29/6:36/6:20
Tim P 2:48/3:35/3:48/4:30/3:51

L2 Team WOD

courtesy of Sam
So you wanna be an MMA Super Star?
5 PVC spins
100 ground and pound
100 unders (leap frog)
50 clapping sit ups
5 PVC spins
100 bag pick up/drops
100ft Slosh pipe carry
50 20# Med Ball cleans
5 PVC spins
100 person pogos
100ft wheel barrow
25 per person handshake pushups
5 PVC spins
100 KB hops
100 Get ups

L2 Results:
Aim/Swine 35:14
Han/Sam 39:17


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out, lady! I'm honored.

Jen S. said...

Great Job on your runs Pappases!! :)

Miranda said...

Great job Tim & Laura!!

Chris P. said...

Cate, thanks for the words of encouragement and the water.

Evan, thanks for the bucket. Didn't meet Pukie tonight, but came real close 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Note to self: drink water before a wod like that instead of just coffee.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't get the brain to work after the wod, had to go home to do the math. My numbers:
thank you to all my coaches..there were a lot tonight!!

Mike F said...

Great job everyone. I am really impressed by the numbers I am seeing posted. This one was a real bear, congrats everyone for fighting through to the finish

donkey said...

oh damn Aimee: i don't know where the 4:30 classes were posted so i didn't enter them in!

donkey said...

NM, i see someone was paying better attention than me.

Jen S. said...

Thanks to everyone for the pushes tonight! :) Barbara seriously kicked my ass!

Aimee Lyons said...

To all the athletes...kick ass job tonight! I saw some serious testaments of will and desire to finish! Way to push!

To all my coaches and score recorders...THANK YOU! A special shout to "donkey" who took 2 hours out of her evening to hang out with us, record and post all the scores.

With out everyone of you we could not have put this many athletes through Barbara successfully!

Chris P. said...

Tim, where's the headband? Did you leave it in Japan??

TP said...

Samurai warrior jacked me for it while departing Okinawa what can I say.

dorothy said...

Looks like the L2 workout was fun. What the heck is a clapping situp? and a PVC spin?

Steph, You are my hero! Way to push it!

Chris, thanks for not puking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dorothy...congrats for graduation off of the green band...just when things got easy!! LOL...you'll be doing them without any band in no time!

Aimee Lyons said...

Dorothy-catch me today and I'd happily show you the clapping sit up and PVC spin!