What is your mental approach to CrossFit?

W.O.D. 11.14.09
3 Rounds for time of:
30 Push Jerk (65#/95#)*
60 Air Squats
90 Walking lunges**

*Push Jerk may be taken from the rack.
**One leg counts as one rep.


CrossFit Vs. Olympics ... [wmv] [mov]

There will be NO CF Kids Class on Sunday at 11AM. Kids are welcome to do a make up class at 4:30 PM on Monday or Friday.

Tim will host a 5K run during the 12 Noon WOD if anyone is interested.

"The average is the borderline that keeps mere men in their place. Those who step over the line are heroes by the very act. Go.”
-Henry Rollins


Chris S said...

Jason ~ nice number on the clean & jerk. 220 is no joke.

Miranda said...

Good job Jason!

Can i bring my dog on the run? We will be lagging behind...

Megs said...

Miranda - Last week a doggie joined and it was fine!! We ran at a really good pace (i.e I could keep up).

Ray said...

Did this at home:

3X5 R/L Unilateral OHS w/35# KB
3X10 200# Bench Press
3X10 50# Cable Flys
3X10 R/L Push Press w/35# KB

50 R/L 35# KB Squats
50 Pull Ups
100 Sit Ups

Nikki said...

Results from today's WOD:

Nikki 19:01 (Rx)
Nicole 10:20 (1 round)
Jim C 28:37 (Rx)
Sam 12:43 (Rx)
Mike B 23:58 (Rx)
Beth 33:50 (35#)
Hannah 24:45 (Rx)
Cindy 28:00 (55#)
Jeff 25:11 (Rx)
Jill 32:10 (50#)*
Ferg 23:12 (Rx)
Mike F 25:45 (Rx)
Jamie 28:45 (35#)
Liz 27:40 (45#)
Steph 36:36 (Rx)
Hal 36:36 (45#)
Todd 30:17 (75#)
Raya 24:55 (15#)**
Eva 24:30 (25#/PVC)**

*180 extra lunges! (Oops!)
**Scale 30 Squats, 50 lunges

Chris P - WOLVERINE - 58:42
K-Ditty - WOLV Cub - 39:14***
***C&J replaced w/ cleans only

Nikki said...

Thanks everyone for the opportunity to coach you all today! A special congrats to the three first-timers in the 1:00 class - Hal, Eva, and Raya. We hope to see you again soon!

As always if you have any suggestions/recommendations/feedback for me, please send it my way! (Or talk to Aimee and she can pass it along.) Cya tomorrow!

Mike F said...

Tim, Meg, and Nikki great job today. You guys were great coaches. Sam you are an animal.

Mike F said...

Sean was around 22-23 minutes RX'd.

Aimee Lyons said...

Awesome work gang! Great day here in NJ/NY! Gillian did 100 Muscle Ups in 35 minutes! What a feat, every MU was as perfect as the first!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I second that, u guys were awesome coaches!!!

Jeff said...

Great job on the coaching Nikki, Tim and Megs. But why did you turn off the catchy spin music during the noon WOD?

Unknown said...

Hey everyone-

thanks for being sooo welcoming to the newbees! I had a great time & hope to return soon.