Joe A.

W.O.D. 11.25.09
30 reps or time of:
Snatch 135/95 pounds

*Snatch weight will be scaled to your ability.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday we will be offering an expanded class schedule for Wednesday:
6AM, 12:00PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM
and CrossFit Kids at 3:30PM

Can Your Brain Fight Fatigue

"Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent."
- Marilyn vos Savant, Columnist

Rx Results:
Sam G. 3:34
Jason 5:55
Aimee 9:34
Joe A. 5:34
Chris S. 6:29

Scale Results:
Swine 125# 11:50
Sam B. 95# 8:16
Todd 95# 5:51
Jim C. 95# 6:22
Ray 105# 5:41
Trisha 45# 6:33
Jeff 75# 5:56
Jen S. 63# 8:58
Jill 45# ??
Kelly 45# 8:07
JZ 75# 6:08
Han 83# 9:49
Steph 70# 8:24
Kristen C. 50# 7:00
Miranda 65# 7:15
Laura 53# 5:59
Kerry 55# 5:30
Nikki 83# 9:52
Marie 20# form
Kristen S. 35# 5:19
Darlene 25# 5:15
Maura 35# 3:22


Patti said...
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Patti said...

Tuesday's WOD was rough for me. Thanks to everyone who was supporting me through it! Tim P. helped me get done the thrusters while Jerry talked me through the pull ups. Thanks again.

donkey said...

priceless. maybe i'll do this for a t-giving WOD:


Ray said...

Um chicka Um chicka Um Chicka yeah!

You've come a very long way ladies.

That was back in my days of curls and bench presses for bulk not time as well as Magnum PI Ocean Pacific shorts!


Ray said...


Interesting article on fatigue.

Can you put out some more buckets so we can swish and spit Gatorade during our WODs?

Miranda said...

Last nights WOD was real tough. At one point I seriously thought I was goingt to give up and walk away. It was a struggle. Some of these times are sick, we definitely have some ELITE athletes at the KOP box! You guys should be going to the games!!!!!

Aimee Lyons said...

Donkey---OMG...HILARIOUS!!! If anyone is having a bad day, that vid is a must watch! LOL!

She says "stupendous" and "get loose for heavens sake" and at the end "hot dog"...classic for sure.

Sammy should I look for these movements in the next L2?

Chris P. said...

In the same way Gatorade caused a physiological response by the body, diet soda can increase fat storage even with artificial sweeteners b/c the body THINKS it's getting sugar. It also has caused (in rat studies) the subjects to crave even MORE sugar later because it doesn't actually receive what it expects by the time digestion has occurred. Pretty interesting stuff!

Jill said...

So I've moved on to my next affiliate...Im traveling a lot. Now I am at Crossfit York for the next month. What a difference from the last affiliate. Last night we did Filthy Fifty and everyone RX'd it. Its a great affiliate...Rusty is awesome...They dont really believe in warming up or cooling down so thats interesting. But its a strong affiliate with some great affiliates. Aimee they said they might come visit KOP soon...

Jill said...

**I meant to say they have some great athletes.

Liz said...

Jill -

My family is from York and I have been to Crossfit York a few times. Tell Rusty I said hi!

Tom P. said...

I'm with Miranda and Patti. Tuesday's wod was rough. I felt a little dizzy after pushing the row and didn't think i was going to make it...but amazing what one can do with support from a few. BIG thanks to Miranda.

Donkey... great 20 minute crossfit discussion in the middle of Genuardi's last night!

Anonymous said...

so donkey...you really are in genuardi's alot!! LOL

Cindy said...

Ahhhh, 1982 ... good times! Great video Donkey! I think I might have owned a leotard and tights that were very similar. :-)

Speaking of the olden days, check out these Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974. I remember a couple of these recipes from my mother's WW attempts. Not exactly Paleo, Primal or Zone!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

donkey said...

@Tom P: I know! could we have confused MORE people though!?! and btw, when you finish a 1000M row as fast as you did, no WONDER you were dizzy. i was dizzy watching you (but you pushed my pace, so thank you!)

@Steph: looking forward to discussing callouses with you in Genuardi's :)

@Aimee et al: I couldn't stop laughing at that video. the best part is, i can remember when we all thought those were SO HARD. my friends and i laughed at our moms sweating in our living rooms to that stuff.

Tom P. said...

Donkey, how many times did we hear...
"are you in line?"

Everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jerry said...

That video is awesome... Hope the neighbors didn't see me dancing along. Aimee if we are going to use that for warm-ups, I am requesting that we use this related video for cooldowns...


....just when you thought is couldn't get any worse....

Jill said...

Liz, Rusty told me that you worked out there a few times...I think he said your mom came in too?

Anonymous said...

JERRY- LMAO...mom actually had a video with that face lady...i even did it once or twice. the rest of the workout was in a chair with a bar with a big rubberband attached to it. LOL

here is a link to an article about fitness infomercials :-)

Unknown said...

Ditto on last night! That one was really tough for me and very frustrating.
HUGE thanks to Tim for pushing me through the kips and for giving me great pointers.
And thanks to everyone else for cheering me on, as the last one to finish.