CrossFitting during Pregnancy.
A few words of wisdom from Andrea at CrossFit Mom for the moms to be. CrossFit is safe. Ladies, No max lifts, no PR's, just moving bodies through all the range of motions and lifting weights. We want you strong and healthy. Make sure you have the ability to talk while working out, and stay hydrated. Try to get to the box 5 days a week, but no less than 3. Proof will be in the pudding, you will be so happy with the results post-partum!

W.O.D. 11.17.09


  • "Workshop Thursday", this Thursday November 19th $10 Kipping at 6PM, $10 Pose at 7PM.
  • Oly Lifting Class starts this Saturday November 21st at 10AM.
  • Next week we will be CLOSED Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Open Gym December 3rd, $10.
  • Yoga with Jen Fugo December 10th, $10.

"Be brave, take risks, nothing can substitute experience"
- P.Coelho

John 425 (435x3) (500x1)
Joe 425 (435x3)
Sam 345
Jerry 305
Shawn 305
Trish 165 (it may have been more, she had uneven weight)
Tim 290
Meg 155
Aim 230
Jim 365
Godfather 245
Chris P 325
Nicole 160
Sam B 155 (form)
Mike F 335
Jen S 160
Tom P 95 (form)
Lisa 255x3
Miranda 230
Jeff 255x4
Cindy 210x3
Chris S 325


Anonymous said...

Thanks to CrossFit KOP team for helping me with my first muscle ups! Now i just have to wait for the rips on my wrists to heal a bit before I can try it again...

-Sam B

Hannah said...

i have to say, i am SO thankful for crossfit during my pregnancy. My body is constantly exhausted, but its so motivating that there is a community of people to support me through this. xfit, mixed with yoga and swimming weekly has been key, because nutrition is especially hard. my doctor and husband are in full support of what i do, so it will take a lot more than a big belly to get me out of the box!

i am thinking we need some xfitmommie shirts ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Sam...Awesome!

Nicole said...

I agree with Hannah. I feel so much better after a wod. I couldn't give up cf during my pregnancy or I would be 500lbs. Nutrition hasn't been easy at all! When I tell Aimee what I eat, inside I am sure she is having a heart attack. :)

Btw Hannah- I bought a crossfit mom shirt from the crossfit moms website.

Jason Lyons said...

Are you two due at the same time? Can Aimee and I be like Joe Pesci in Leathal Weapon 3 at the hospital?

I also think that is the first time Han made public that she was preggers. :)

Nicole said...

We are 2 weeks apart. :)

JZuck said...

Congrats Hannah!!!

I have already been asked to be the godfather to Nicole & Chris' child; but if you really want, I will try and pull double duty.

Unknown said...

Man, is there something in the water over there or what?! I'm pretty sure my husband, my parents and my in-laws are already trying to 'put something in my water' and I've only been married a month! I gotta start drinking soda...

In 10 years when I'm ready to have a little one, I hope to stick with it as well! ;)

Congrats ladies!

Chris P. said...

JZuck, I actually heard you were preggers with a boy...and that you were going to name him Jonito

Aimee Lyons said...

JZ-I don't have a Godfather...so I was wondering...would you adopt me?

JZuck said...

Chris, that was just a food baby; I ate a lot this weekend.
Aimee, that is definitely a possibility, I will start the paperwork.

Cate said...

I'm with Nicole and Hannah. I am so grateful to be able to be so active during the pregnancy. And I love all the encouragement I get at KOP. We should have a contest to see who has the worst pregnancy nutrition. I am definitely in the running.

Andrea's advice is different that my experience. I find that I need more rest days than ever. I can do five/week but I am happier with every other day.

Also, I am totally happy to say I am still setting PR's during my 16th week. I don't think I am going to set any PR's in any wod that involves running, but I'm still really happy to be making progress.

And yes, I am positive, it's just one baby. :-) And I can't wait to meet all these strong babies!!

Mike F said...

Aimee, I did 335x5.

Chris P. said...

strong work John

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris, lifting with joe is one heck of a motivator. Looks like you did pretty well yourself.

Tom P. said...

Jason and Aimee –
I try my best not to get frustrated but sometimes it just happens. Thanks for the patience and the extra work with me tonight. You both are excellent coaches and I appreciate you going the extra mile.

Sometimes frustrated... ALWAYS determined.

Jason Lyons said...

no worries man. that is what we are here for. you are hearing complicated movements that take YEARS to perfect. it will come with time, we promise. NO ONE was worse than me when i started. FACT.