Where it all began...

Does anyone remember this box?!?
What was your favorite memory from Atlas?

This is where it all began, a year ago. For those of you relatively new to CFKoP, this was our first official space. The day after Thanksgiving was our first WOD at the "little box"! Located in the basement of Atlas Chiropractor, many of us fondly refer to it as just "Atlas". As you can see there was just about enough room for one person to be "safely" lifting, 6 pull-up bars, 3 med balls, 5 Kettlebells and "only"13 mats; the plyo-boxes and bumper plates hadn't even arrived...WOW!! Fast forward a year and my how we have grown up... our 8,000 sq foot box hosts 170 mats, 32 pull-up bars, 30 med balls, 23 Kettlebells and more equipment than would even fit in "Atlas"!!


Without everyone of you our community would not be as strong as it is and our CrossFit box wouldn't be this big! Your support over the last year has been unprecedented.

Happy Thanksgiving!
W.O.D. 11.26.09

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today,
and creates a vision for tomorrow."
-Melody Beattie


Unknown said...

Congratulations Aimee on an incredible job. Wishing you many more years of bringing health and fitness to everyone! You are a wonderful inspiration as to what people can achieve if they are willing to take the first step!

Jim Curran said...

only did two workouts at Atlas....couples WOD on Valentines Day, two months before I joined....not pretty and of course my world record 13 minute plus baseline where I somehow held down vomit

Tim M said...

Favorite memory was Paul screaming "why can't I do this!!"

Anonymous said...

Yo timmy!!!---that's on video somewhere in aim's files...where is that aim? That is hilarious!--miss you tim! Grans

Aimee Lyons said...

Hey Tim...yea that has to be one of the best moments there...Here's the link grans!

Grans- Also note the token gloves! And at 1:05 when Paul has his moment check out the 6 barbells lined up, bumper to bumper.


Anonymous said...

too funny!--- yo--short black gloves are in! i'm bring'em back...look out!--oh, and the tissue tucked under the tank! bahhaaaa!