W.O.D. 11.13.09

Clean and Jerk
1000M Row

CrossFit Kids Class Note:
We will be testing a CrossFit Kids Class (7-13 yrs) on 4:30PM Monday and Friday. This will run simultaneously with Evan's 4:30 class. Test dates 11/16 and 11/19. This is a great opportunity for parents and kids to workout at the same time!

Stop Eating Grains...NOW. Marks Daily Apple.

Greg Glassman Interview, CrossFit Journal Preview - video [wmv] [mov]

"The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach."
- Benjamin Mays


Clean and Jerk
Lisa 115 (form)
Sam 155 (form)
Swine 190
Steph V. 100
Megs 63 (form)
Donkey 35 (form)
Han 128
Jill 83
Nicole 97
Dorothy 83
Chris P 185
JZ ?
Jim 130 (form)
Cliff ?
Aim 128
Jerry 175
Jeff 170
Nikki 130
Cindy 85 (90 clean)
Jen S 100
Ditty 75 (85 clean)
Sam B 165
Chris S 195
Mike B 195
Joe A 205 (225 clean)
Rob 155
Eric 65 (form)
Jason 220

1000M Row
Lisa 4:11
Sam ?
Steph 4:33
Swine 3:32
Steve 4:39
Meg 4:27
Donkey 4:50
Han ?
Jill ?
Nicole ?
Dorothy 4:28
Chris P 3:38
JZ ?
Jim 3:31
Cliff ?
Jerry 3:48
Nikki 4:21
Sam B 3:37
Jen S 4:22
Mike B 3:42
Jeff 3:56
Cindy 4:37
Ditty 4:21
Eric 3:35.8
Rob 3:30
Joe 3:36
Jason 3:23.3


Jason Lyons said...

anyone down for a secret santa at the gym? i think it could be fun. say like a 10-20 buck limit? obviously volunteer, if you don't want to participate, you do not need to. thoughts? i am in.

Jason Lyons said...

awesome lift swines, that is a HUGE improvement. I would say cf works.

Miranda said...

Will there be a run option for Sat class like last week?

Dorothy said...

What does (form) mean in the results?

Jason Lyons said...

form means they are capable of more weight if they sacrifice form but they focused on perfecting their form at a lower weight. it is hard to hold back during a class and i commend both for doing it.

TP said...

Miranda, we should have enough coaches tomorrow that you can use a nice 3mile jog on the path right over the bridge instead of the WOD. Its good change to get that in often enough, and if we can, I'll show you the 3mile turn around point too whether we do it together or have others come along. -TP

Miranda said...

Awesome thanks Tim! Yeah my hands are pretty banged up from the pull-ups the other day, so I was hoping to still get some kind of work out in. That would be great if we could run! I'll bring my headphones, I NEED music.

Ray said...

220 on the C&J is awesome Jason. Nice.