The resident Godfather and Ditty...heading up the ropes!
Hot socks, can't believe I captured you both in a pic!
I found this graph floating around on Facebook yesterday, it was taken from Google Trends and shows the internet serch popularity of a variety of gyms. Take note of the steady rise in CrossFit (the blue line) over the last two years and the huge spikes in the "globo" gyms only during the new year. Which community would you rather be part of?

W.O.D. 11.18.09

Grace Sandwich

50 Double Unders
1 Rope Climb
30 Clean and Jerks (95#/135#)
1 Rope Climb
50 Double Unders

Sledge Event Intro video ... [wmv] [mov]

Coach Notes:
Remember these goals? Have you accomplished them? Been dedicated to working on them? Are you ready to set new goals yet? Post to comments your results/struggles in reaching your goals. Also post new goals if you have them.

"Be impressed with intensity, not volume."
- G. Glassman

Rx Results:
Sam 6:25
Swine 8:29
Aimee 10:17 (full squat cleans)
Mike F. 15:40
Chris P. 11:59
Joe A. 13:17
Shawn 19:52
Scale Results:
Steph 75# 19:58
Todd 75# 11:20
Gran 45# 11:29
Cliff 95# 14:30
Donkey 35# 16:15
Kara 35# 15:30
Miranda 95# 14:50
Nicole 75# 11:13
Tom S. 135# 12:26
Curtin 95# 14:07
Godfather 75# 8:35
Jen S. 75# 13:08
Ditty 35# 22:50 (full squat cleans)
Jamie 35# 12:42
Melanie 35# 16:01
Kristen C. 55# 13:24
Kerry 55# 14:11
Maura 35# 9:53
Sam B. 135# 11:56
Liz 65# 14:52


Unknown said...

HELLOOO everyone. I miss KOP CROSSFIT and I just miss working out for real! Im sick of doing bench press, leg press and the all time favorite CURLS. I am happy to say I will be in for an ass kicking sometime next week. Everyone looks great ( yes i have been stalking the blog). Keep up the good work! Miss you all.

Kit said...

Hey Steph...see you over thanksgiving? want to come bowling? I'm asking you over the blog since you dont respond to my texts...busy varsity goalie!

I did a WOD like this last Friday. Every time I took a break from doing C&J's during Grace, I climbed the rope. I ended up climbing about 4 times. Time was about 8:15. You guys will have fun with this one.

Chris P. said...

There is an analogy within Crossfit about intensity.

Take 3 cops who are at target practice. They have 10 shots to hit a target a good distance away and are timed. The first cop takes 30 seconds, but every 10 of his shots hit the bullseye. The second cop takes 5 seconds, but only 2 of his shots hit the bullseye. The third cop takes 10 seconds and 8 of his shots hit the bullseye.

The first cop was perfect, but he took forever to do it. The second went really fast, but his accuracy was terrible. The third had a good combination of speed and accuracy.

In this same way, you want to push yourself hard like the third cop. I think this applies to two areas of Crossfit: weight and form. Scale the weight so you can go hard. Taking 20 minutes to do Fran Rx'd is not the intent; use a weight and/or band so you are lying on the ground gasping for air at the end.

In terms of form, it is important to practice as a beginner to become proficient. Once proficient, go hard in a wod. If a few reps are not picture perfect form, this is the same as the third cop missing two shots. Sometimes there will be a sacrifice of slight form for intensity.

Notice that it is slight form, not complete form. There is a difference between two reps stretching the chin over the bar and two reps where your forehead doesn't even get over the bar.

Laura Pappas said...

So for cleans, should they always be squat cleans? Noticing a trend in the WODs and the clarification that comes with what movement we actually do. Can't make this one, prob won't see you guys till next week since I'm winding down before the Philly Half on Sunday. Keep up the intesity everyone!

Jason Lyons said...

i like the post plentus. you may notice that when we coach, we may let one rep slide with weakening form but we will tell you about it. if you are unable to correct it, is when the weight drops.

plentus is again totally spot on with fran. fran is designed to tax your glycogenic pathways and so if you are taking 20 minutes and you are failing because of muscle fatigue and nothing else, you are missing the point. you need to scale workouts so you are working at high intensity unless the wod was designed to tax your muscles.

Typically Grace does not require full squat cleans but Aimee decided to work on them and increase the difficulty of the wod a notch. I know it is confusing because here is the typical venacular...

clean = full squat clean
power clean = landing in the power position which is anything above a full squat clean
hang clean = bar starts in your hands in the hang position and you go into a full squat clean
hang power clean = bar starts in the hang position and your landing in a power position similar to above.

If it is followed by the jerk, we will usually write full squat clean to clarify since Grace does not require it but for all other instances, clean means get into a squat.

Nicole said...

Well said Chris P!! I couldn't agree more. I would much rather scale and go hard then take a million years trying to rx a wod.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say how BLESSED I feel to have the coaches that we have at CrossFit KoP!!! In particular after Today's WOD I feel compelled to thanks Jason. Jason- you been there for most of the wods that took me "signifigantly" longer than other people. Your Rep by rep coaching is essential and because of it, i know it would take A LOT for me not to finish a WOD no matter how long it took (even if no one was coaching me) I so APPRECIATE your ability to push people to their highest potential, incourage them to finish (working to the very last second) and you ability to celebrate every accomplishment no matter how small, while at the same time encouraging to get to the next level!

THANK YOU...all of you. The work you do...really can change a persons life, not only in their physical body but also in mind and spirit!

Nikki said...

This looks like another great wod! I've hit up a CF box out here a few times this week, and I've met some neat people and gotten some good workouts in... but I miss the CFKoP programming! Aim you've posted some awesome wods this week! I'm gonna have to figure out a way to make up some of these. Miss all you guys!!

Chris P. said...

inspiring testimony re: Crossfit from Crossfit Milford


Chris P. said...

Nikki where are you?

Jill said...

I just got done a WOD at another affiliate...they will remain nameless. I travel for work and the last 3 weeks Ive been going somewhere else. TOnight we did "Kelly" and i wanted to post about my wod...I am ashamed of my WOD. It had no integrity. I dont think Ive ever been really ashamed of a wod I might be disapointed or pissed that I didnt do better but Ive never been ashamed. This workout lacked integrity.

Why? Well it starts with the affiliate. Half the people rowed 400M instead of running the 400M and then for the wall balls I think all the guys used a 14Lb wall ball and the girls used a 10lb wall ball. But trying to keep with the standards I did the 14lb wall ball and then on the third round I DROPPED TO THE 10LB WALL BALL! WHY??? B/c all the other girls were using it and they were beating me. There should have been NO reason why some of the girls were using the 10lb wall ball when some of them had been at xfit for over a year. i cant even tell you the last time i used the 10lb wall ball, probably when I did privates with Aimee at my house. We would NEVER be allowed to get away with that at KOP, nor would we even want to. I think thats the difference, we all strive to meet the standards and we push each other without even knowing it.

Anyway Im really just disgusted with myself that I did that and I just encourage others to stick with the standards we were taught at Xfit KOP, because in the end I just ended up hurting myself.

Ray said...

Those RX times are sick with all that other stuff sandwiching Grace. Those full squat C&J's took it up several notches for sure.

Chris P. said...

Mike F., it was really inspiring to watch you climb that rope tonight; TWICE no less (second one after Grace). Pretty awesome stuff man

Jason Lyons said...

mike, i am so stoked that you got up that rope. i knew tonight was tonight. all that preaching finally clicked. i told you that you were strong enough. AWESOME JOB!!!!

Ray, to give you perspective, blair morrison finished this workout without the rope climbs in 3:47 so he would have definitely been sub 5. sick. oh yeah, he finished 7th at the games.

Chris P. said...

AND he went to Princeton. AND was a wide receiver there. AND is 6th all time there for receptions.


Unknown said...

Thank you Jason for staying with me and showing me the correct way to lift tonight. You may only have to do that 7 more times and I will get it right.

Seriously, I appreciate it. Bad couple weeks and trying to get myself together.

Mike F said...

Jason, thanks for all the coaching and support. Mark one off of my "Goal" list. I never thought I would get up that rope and to do it twice in one WOD gave me a real sense of accomplishment. This is what I love about Crossfit, you can see your accomplishments and the accomplishments of others and celebrate them. Never see this at a globogym. Thanks Jason and Aimee.

Joe A said...

Mike F nice job on the climbs.

Nikki said...

Chris P - in San Fran till next Tuesday; I'll be back at the box Wednesday 11/25

Ray said...

Awesome Mike! That second rope climb had to really suck.

Jill, loved that post. Your honor and integrity are still intact! 20# med ball throws for your penance!

Anonymous said...

MIKE...that is AWESOME!!!!

Hey Jason...it looks like you get the award for superstar coach of the day!