Jen S. in her CFKoP shirt in St. Kitts!

W.O.D. 11.24.09


1000 meter row
Thruster 45 lbs (50 reps)
Pull-ups (30 reps)
(compare to 8.2.09)

CrossFit Kids:
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"Belief triggers the power to do"
-David Schwartz

Rx Results:
Ray 15:45
Lisa 11:21
Cate 11:09
Jenny 12:17
Tim P.7:06
Aimee 8:40
JZ 12:26
Jerry 11:21
Chris S. 12:58
Sam G. 6:52
Miranda 15:45
Jim C. 11:02
Meighan 13:34
Laura 11:41
Todd 12:01
Swine 7:43
Mike B. 9:24
Shawn 8:40*

Scale Results:
Chris T. 14:14
Kara 12:36
Joe D. 13:37
Liz 17:00
Curtin 13:07
Jen S. 13:11
Patti 16:44
Kelly 17:17
Tom P. 17:00
Donkey 14:45
Kristen C. 14:00
Beth 15:34


Jen S. said...

Awesome...more pull ups....my poor hands :(

Unknown said...

Thank you for putting Caity's picture up. She will think she's famous now.

Miranda said...

Ugh, more pull-ups...
Jen S. ~ awesome work last night. You really pushed yourself and it was great to be working next to you!

Jason Lyons said...

Pull-ups are good for you.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything about the supplements Glucosamine and.or chondroitin? My knees are making really bad noises, and my moms kness problems are the source of her disablities. So i want to do everything I can to avoid future issues. It was suggested to me that these suppliements are great for the joints? please share if you know anything about them!

Chris P. said...

Steph, I don't know too much about glucosamine/chondroitin but I did find a crossfit thread on the subject. Looks like a bunch of folks take them together. Was it recommended by a doctor? If not, you probably would want to see one first before starting.

are you taking fish oil? It is one of the best known dietary anti-inflammation supplements and does a great job keeping those omega 3/omega 6 levels in check. And do plenty of squats!


Melanie said...

Hi Stephanie,
I have read "mixed reviews" about Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements. May be a waste of money. I agree with Chris, a fish oil supplement may be more beneficial.

Tim P said...

I second the fish oil, at the certs I've been to it was the only "supplement" truly backed by the HQ coaches and makes sense at getting the closest intake of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Anonymous said...

Already been on fish oils for 2 months! So that is convered! Thanks for the link chris I'll check it out. I also plan on seeing my doctor :-)

Cindy Handler said...

Steph, Your doses of fish oil should be fairly high. At least 3-4 pills in the morning with the equivalent dose in the evening for a total of 6-8 per day. I have heard recommendations as high as 12 per day but that can get expensive and I don't know if there are really any additional benefits to be had.

I have very creaky knees (you should hear 'em when I deadlift!) and the fish oil and squats have made a huge difference. If you are feeling pain definitely see a doc and back off the impact exercises (running, box jumps, jump roping) and ask Aimee for substitutions, she's awfully good at finding new and different ways to make me sweat!

Anonymous said...

Cindy- Wow really that much fish oil..Iam taking two in the AM! I really don't have to much pain...maybe a little soreness..but on my left knee its so loud and i can feel the "crunchiness" under the skin (don't know how else to describe it!) when i move it. There are alot of rave reviews about glucosamin/chondroitin, but i read that it affects blood sugar, and with my family predisposition it might not be a good idea! At anyrate i'll talk to the Dr!

Cindy Handler said...

Steph, yup that much fish oil!! It's made a huge difference since I upped my dose.

I have the same thing with both my knees. They both crackle and you can feel it crackle when you put your hand on my knee while it's bending. There is a medical name for it but the layman's term is "runner's knee." Very, very common in women because of the hip to knee ratio. It also occurs when the quads are overdeveloped in relation to the rest of the leg muscles. My doc said that there is no real treatment but to build up other leg muscles to take the strain off the knees. When I have pain I roll with the foam roller and apply ice.

To tell you the truth last week was the first time I have had knee pain in eons. I truly believe CrossFit has helped because of the squats and other exercises so now my quads and knees aren't doing all of the work. I love my hammies and glutes!

Kit said...

What kind of fish oil is everyone taking?? I am currently taking Ultimate Omega made by Nordic Naturals. I got it at GNC but taking the dosage i SHOULD be taking would cause me to go through a $15-20 bottle in about 5 days. Whats out there thats inexpensive and high quality?

Joe A said...

I think stuff at GNC is overprice you can get fish oil at CVS/Walmart/Rite Aid for much cheaper. I get the capsules that are coated so that the fishy taste isn't in your mouth. I believe natures' bounty is the brand name.

I've also been getting into coconut oil and am reading up on the health benefits of that.

Ray said...

At 48, my knees were clicking and popping quite a bit. I did the Glucosamine /Chondroitin / Fish Oil thing, and my joints felt like a well oiled machines. I backed off to just fish oil and no difference, so fish oil seems to be good enough alone and it is probably the key ingredient. I take 900 mg per day of GNC Triple Strengh Fish Oil (900 mg Omega 3, EPA 647 mg and DHA 253 mg). Joints work like a champ at that dosage for me. 60 gel caps lasts 2 months. If that works on my 48 year old butt, then it ought to work on you youngins. Take it with food. I take it with dinner. It doesn't sit well in the morning for me. Besides a multivitamin and the occasional protein shake, it is the only supplement that I take. I also eat sardines (Michaels has an awesome sardine salad). I am talking real sardines, not the canned variety. I also eat smelts, salmon, anchovies, mackerel, tuna, sashimi, etc. It's all good. Be advised, that there is no official recommended minimum dose. 900 mg seems to work for me, and the price is not too bad, so that is what I use.

JZuck said...

I use Nature's Bounty fish oil as well. I know it is a pretty good brand, and you can get it as CVS. From time to time, they have 2 for 1 specials; so you can get 220 capsuls for the price of 110 (I think only about $12-$15). So if you see the 2 for 1, stock up and store them in your freezer.

Evan said...

Joe A.,
Way to go on the coconut oil. If you want to venture out just a bit further try some Virgin Red Palm Kernel Oil. Loaded with Vit A and E. I've got both in my kitchen and use them almost everyday.

Joe A said...

Thanks for the heads up Evan I'll look up the oil I think I saw it at Trader Joe's today.

Cindy Handler said...

I use Carlson's fish oil. It's available at the Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, etc. I also think that fat from a variety of sources is important. Coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc. help not only in digestion but in keeping the body "well oiled."

Ray said...

I'll have to try out the coconut oil and palm kernel oil. I use cold pressed flax seed oil on salads as a change up from olive oil. It is an acquired taste, but I like it.

Jason Lyons said...

this thread has turned into jiffy lube. good god, i feel out of place since i have never taken fish oil.

Ray said...

HaHa! Good one Jason!

Aimee Lyons said...

Jas-Top left in the medicine cabinet.

Chris P. said...

Fish oil is typically meant to give you the omega 3s that you might not be getting in diet. In other words, if you are eating wild caught fish, grass fed beef, etc. and staying away from grains (including grain fed beef or farmed fish) then you probably don't even need fish oil because your omega 3/omega 6 ratio is probably 2:1 (whereas a grain/western diet is as high as 30:1.) But since it is not easy to do, many people take the fish oil.

There was a study done down in Mexico for a guy who weighed over 1000 lbs. They put him on a clean diet and gave him 15g of fish oil per day. So you definitely don't need that much. 3-5g is probably good depending on your diet.

I buy the Kirkland brand from Costco. It's 400 pills for $10. Some days I take 5-8, some days I forget to take any. #pills will depend on the DHA/EPA concentrations. Still need to research that more...