If only the adults loved the ropes as much as the CFKids do!

Note the shirt in honor of the dead cat.

Donkey and Dave, solid on the rowers at the nooner!

Most of you will probably remember this children's series popular in the 80's and 90's. If you don't, no need to worry...we will explain. Each story is written from a second-person point of view, with the reader assuming the role of the protagonist and making choices that determine the main character's actions in response to the plot and its outcome. In this WOD, you are the main character and you get to choose your own destiny, HAVE FUN!

W.O.D. 11.20.09
Choose Your Own Adventure:

First, select from the following:
A. Row 500M
B. Run 400M
C. 100 Double Unders

If you selected A. then either choose:
1. Pull-ups (butterfly, kipping, strict, weighted, band or L-pullups)(30 reps)
2. Sit-ups (GHD, KTE or V-ups) (30 reps)

If you selected B. then either choose:
1. Dips (paralette or ring dips) (30 reps)
2. Push-ups (regular, ring or clapping) (30 reps)

If you selected C. then either choose:
1. Walking Lunges (overhead, weighted or Dumbbell)(30 reps)
2. Air Squats (30 reps)

Based on the "adventure" you chose above you must complete the next exercise (15 reps).
A. + 1. = Thrusters (65#/95#)
A. + 2. = WallBalls (14#/20#)
B. + 1. = Deadlift (135#/200#)
B. + 2. = Sumo Deadlift High Pull (65#/95#)
C. + 1. = Shoulder Press (55#/75#)
C. + 2. = Push Press (65#/95#)

You will complete 3 Rounds of your Adventure for time.

There will be a kids class today at 4:30 PM.

CrossFit Montclair: Think Tank - video [wmv] [mov]


The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Sam A+2+Wallballs 15:40
Cliff A+2+Wallballs 15:05
Paul B+1+ Deads 16:39
Steve C+1+Shoulder Press 22:56
Dave A+2+Wallballs 19:30
Lisa A+2+Wallballs 19:11
Kara A+2+Wallballs 17:58
Donkey A+1+Thrusters 24:34
Evan B+2+SDLHP 15:15
Aimee B+2+SDLHP 13:15
Aimee C+2+Push Press 9:15
Hannah B+2+SDLHP 18:51
Liz A+2+Wallballs 16:01
Trish A+2+Wallballs15:30
Dorothy C+2+Push Press 28:23
Nicole B+1+ Deads 18:22
Gina A+2+Wallballs 19:53
Jason W. A+1+Thrusters 16:49
Plentus C+1+Press 11:46
Jen S. A+2+Wallballs 16:57
Mike B. C+2+Push Press 18:43
Miranda A+2+Wallballs 15:59
Jim C. B+2+SDLHP 14:56
Kristen S. C+1+Press 34:14
Cindy B+2+SDLHP 18:42
Jeff B+2+SDLHP 15:38
Shawn B+2+SDLHP 12:28
Chris S. B+2+SDLHP 13:11
Maura B+1+ Deads 20:59
Beth B+2+SDLHP 15:50
Ditty C+1+Press 40:17
Joe A. B+1+Deads 20:39
Rob A+1+Thrusters 20:59
Jill A+1+Thrusters 30:34
Kerry A+2+Wallballs 17:00
Nick A+1+Thrusters 32:45
*Weights and exercises were scaled to the athletes ability. These weights were not recorded, make sure to record in your own logs.


Cindy Handler said...

Ran across this post concerning "CrossFit Booty" and thought I'd pass it along as it tends to be a hot topic of conversation for the ladies.


Unknown said...

I just read this in a magazine and thought it was appropriate.

"Always remember that dead last is better than did not finish, which is way better than did not start."

c wiss said...

Love this idea Aimee, too fun!

Aimee Lyons said...

does anyone else now have a hunkering to read that book?

Jason Lyons said...

oops, i must have been logged in as aimee on my computer at home. the above post is me too. if i were to do this wod, i would chose double unders, squats, push press.

damn leg. there were some great wods this week and i did none of them. i suck. this is the first time in my life that i am upset that i cannot workout. that is amazing to me. go cf.

Nicole said...

I do remember those books!! What a great creative wod Aim! I love it!!

Ray said...


"CrossFit Booty" and "Belle Butt" is a hot topic of conversation for the men too!

Dorothy said...

It's funny. I am doing the same thing that I did with the books and going through the different scenarios to see which one is the best. I used to try to see how fast I could die. Should I shoot for the hardest or the easiest adventure today? hmmmm......

Great idea Aimee!

Aimee Lyons said...

Jason's ninja post, under my account caused me to actually look up the work HUNKERING...I was curious, so I thought I'd share.

1 : crouch, squat —usually used with down
2 : to settle in or dig in for a sustained period —used with down Hunker down for a good long wait — New Yorker

So does this mean when I ask you all to Squat, I will just ask you to HUNKER?

Tabata HUNKERS? It just doesn't sound the same...

Appalachian Athlete said...

Hey CFKoP! I still lurk around here and want to chime in on this one.

First, I freakin' loved these books. Unlike Dorothy, I NEVER looked ahead or took a do-over... from the beginning to an end and then start over was the only way (Now that i think of it, I see parallels to this style of thinking in several parts of my life... hmmmm). But I definetely remember starting out with the goal of dying as fast as possible sometimes.

I love the idea for this wod, but think you shouldn't know the consequences of the decision when you make it. I love wods with unknown elements in them, ones that force you to stay in the moment and just deal with whatever comes down the road, with no known end in sight. Even better, I like wods that are 'unfair' to different people: some folks might get ten pull-ups and some might get fifty. That's tough: "Suck it up, sissy". To me, these options all look equally miserable, which must have been tough to do.

Unknown elements can be tough to implement with a big group, though. Even tougher when you're working out by yourself. The best I've found is random time intervals, if anyone has any better ideas, I'm all ears.

Finally, Tim, I wish I could have been at the POSE workshop. I'm curious to hear how POSE effects your own training and time trials over the next few months.


Anonymous said...

Engineers say "hunkering" when they really mean "hankering." English am a very good language.

Anonymous said...

I used to LOVE those books!!! I would love to do the WOD today, looks like fun...but for some odd reason I was up to 4am to watch new moon in bethlehem, pa. Not sure I can manage!!

Jason, what a celebration that you are upset you can't work out!! Rest your body and come back harder than ever! Awesome :-)

Chris P. said...

Man alive, when I was in grade school I would read either these or Goosebumps.

As for Doug's reference to not knowing consequences, I've thought about having a day where I don't look at the blog to see what the wod is, but I can't stay away. Aimee have you ever thought about "going dark" and not posting the wod? I think you may have done that once, but can't remember. I don't think people cherry pick that much here, but it would be interesting!

Anonymous said...

CINDY- I just read the post. WHAT the hell? I can't see what would be wrong with a nice round booty (especially if its muscular and strong!)??? Sexy as hell if you ask me, definatly if you ask my husband,and a million other guys!

Embrace the booty :-)

Aimee Lyons said...

Doug- Yes, in hind-sight I should have let the athlete be surprised about the destiny at the end. A great idea for another WOD!

Chris-Going "Dark" would be interesting. I've done two different things...so far :)

1.I did a surprise WOD in the AM and we "played" in the park/playground. Burpees in the wet grass, etc.

2.I once programed a running WOD and when the athletes got to the box...SURPRISE-FRAN.

You may want to ask Swine about his experience that day. I was going to KILL him! He apparently thought he didn't need to eat during the day because it was just a "running WOD"...at about rep 9 of 15 of FRAN he was white as a ghost and about to pass out!

keep the ideas coming :)

Nicole said...

I remember the "surprise Fran" wod!! Good times! I must say I was happier to do that than run!

donkey said...

i love this WOD--very creative, Aimee! i'll see you in 20.

as far as cindy's post, i have yet to meet the person who says "oh no, please, give me the flat, saggy butt over the round muscular booty". haven't we learned anything from people's constant comments about Kim K and J.Lo? Beyonce? fashion industry has always made clothing that seems modeled and sized for the hangers they're sold on rather than actual human bodies.

Jason Lyons said...

i got a 450 on my verbal on my sat's but i made up for it with an 800 on my math.

similarly, i outdid myself on my gre's and got a 390 on verbal but i made up for it with an 800 on math and 790 on analytical.

engineers don't know how to read unless we are reading numbers.

lol. oh and i have a bunch of words that only I am cool enough to use.

they are in order of importance...

1) enna
2) pank
3) looka
4) didja
5) hunkering

only i know the meaning to these words and you are not worthy of being initiative mr anonymous.


Jason Lyons said...

wow, i outdid my self again. lol

initiated. not initiative. LOL.

by the way, i looked this book up on wikipedia and it is about a boy that finds a cave on his relatives land that he never saw before and he goes in and the cave is outside of the time space continuum and as a result, he can go anywhere he wants. one adventure puts him on the titantic, one puts him in medieval times. this book sounds awesome. it was the first choose your own adventure book and the series were made until 1998. i remember reading this in high school detention.

anyway, it has two sequels. i will look on ebay later. i hope i can find one.

Anonymous said...

Jason- You in detention??? I don't believe it!!!

Donkey- oh to have a J-Lo booty, that would be awesome!

Jason Lyons said...

I was a trouble maker in high school because I was bored. The only reason I did not get suspended was because my godfather was an ex president of the school board and I was 7th in my class. lol. I was untouchable was Elliot Ness.

Curin said...

is everyone forgetting about NARF??? no one knew what it was till we got there. that was no fun...lol

Unknown said...

Had so much fun tonight! Thank you...and thank you for pushing me!

Anonymous said...

Ladies (and gents:-) EMBRACE that booty!