The Level 1 CrossFit Certification we are hosting has sold out on the Main Page.

Thursday, 10/1 marks the official end of the "No Sugar" Paleo/Primal/Zone Challenge. If you are planning to turn in your journal, please do so by 10/5 so that I can review and announce the winner.

What did you learn on the NO Sugar Challenge? Will you stick with these new habits? What progress have you made? Was is successful? In 4 weeks how did you feel? Did you notice an impact in your performance at the box?

4:30 PM classes start...and will occur every Friday/Monday.

Friday's outing- 8:00PM Guppy's Good Times it's only 4.2 miles from the box or 8 minutes, and yes...(Chris P.) all meats are free range organic and all produce is local organic. JZ spoke to the owner and he said they would offer us some sort of drink specials. Thanks JZ!!

Also on Friday, as a reminder, the talented Dave Zaveloff will be in the box, there will be alot of shiny cameras and flash bulbs...if for some reason you are very opposed to getting your face in a photo that day make sure to let me know ahead of time.

Classes will run as normally scheduled at 12:00 and 1:00 on Saturday. We are hosting our first CrossFit Kid's Birthday Party!!! Whoo-hooo! Happy Birthday Mia! As a note, if you are arriving for the noon class please take caution as there will be a few "CrossFit" kids running around.

Open Gym Thursday 10/8 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM. Cost $10. Everyone (members/non-members) is welcome. There will be no structured WOD, this is a great opportunity to work on a skill you have been struggling in, make up a missed WOD, create a WOD or do our house WOD, the WOLVERINE.

6 Rounds for time of:
10 Clean and Jerks 135/95
20 Pull-ups
100 Sit-ups
1 Lyons Loop Run (approx 600M)

Results of the Wolverine so far are:
Sam 52:23
Aimee 58:21
Kit 64:12
Jason 79:17


JZuck said...

Anything in particular that everyone would like discounted at Guppys? Any specific Beer or liquor? I know they have $2 miller high lifes all night. And I think $5 Conshy Crush (Their house special mixed drink - very good). The owner did offer to take 20% off of our tab, but that would require us to start one big tab and I am sure people will be coming and going at all different times, so that might be an issue.

Aimee Lyons said...

Also I forgot to mention the 4:30 classes start this Friday and will occur every Friday and Monday!!! Whoo-Hoo!

Joe A said...

Can you get a discount on blue moon and I heard they have the best irish coffee?

Unknown said...

I heart Guppys!
The Conshy Crushes are highly recommended...and full of sugar. :)

Jason Lyons said...

blue moon? lol. don't you want white russians? i think we should ask for a discount on pbr. it is probably 2 dollars to start so if we get a discount, we are down to like 1.50 or something. SWEET!

Joe A said...

Whats so LOL about blue moon its way better than that lionsman stuff you drink? I do like white russians but doubt you could handle that Jas.

Jason Lyons said...

oh joe, anything that gets served with an orange should not be considered a beer, at least not a beer for men. if you need fruit for flavor, a different choice should be made.

and talk about the pot calling the kettle black. lol. after doug's, i wonder who can't handle it. lol.

on a serious note, white russians would be cool. we could all call each other dude and wear bathrobes. i love it. a good white russian is very hard to beat in the mixed drink category.

Mike F said...

How about Stoli Orange and club soda for those of us dumb enough to be continuing the sugar challenge?

Mike F said...
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Mike F said...

Today is the last day of the sugar challenge so here are the changes that occurred for me:

August 18 Dr. Visit: Weight 257

September 29 Dr. Visit: Weight 233, Blood Pressure 120/82, Total Cholesterol 111 (lowest I have ever had, my high being in the 250's)

The biggest difference I have noticed is I have more sustained energy that lasts all day. I don't have a "foggy" feeling in the morning when I get up. When I get up, I feel the same as I do at noon. When I get home from work I don't feel the need to "crash" on the couch or take a nap. I also have less hunger cravings mid day. When I would get home from work I would usually snack and not on the best stuff. When I get home now I don't have those cravings and when I do a handful of almonds does the trick.

As far as my performance in the box, I feel I recover quicker. I also think that I am able to do more with less breaks in certain WOD's.

I have decided to continue my own "No-Sugar Challenge". I have more weight I want to lose and like the way I have been feeling the last 3 weeks. Yes, the last 3 weeks not 4. The first week of this challenge sucked, but once my body adapted to my new "lifestyle" I started to feel the positive effects. Although I am going to have my first "Cheat Day" on Sunday. I am going to Pittsburgh for a family wedding and the day after the wedding my cousin is having a big "Sunday Italian Dinner" for everyone. But through doing this challenge I have learned to portion everything and will continue to follow that this weekend.

Thanks to Aimee and everyone else involved in the "No-Sugar" Challenge.

Chris P. said...

Mike, that's almost a pound a day. Amazing stuff man, you're going to need another wardrobe soon!

Nikki said...

Mike - very impressive! Not only that you made such progress this month, but also (and more importantly!) that you have decided to stick with it going forward. We are all proud of you!

Jen S. said...

wow aimee!! that's so exciting about being sold out!

Jen S. said...

mike that is so awesome! i'm so proud of you! my biggest challenge was eliminating starches. I've done a pretty good job, I think and plan on continuing eating more paleo/primal type foods.

Kit said...

MIKE! well done good sir! Thats quite impressive over the past month. This stuff does work!

I have to agree with you, I have much more sustained energy even though my highly erratic schedule (we had our timed Double O-Course yesterday morning, classes, then slept from 8-midnight only to get up to do a 9 mile hump with 80# of gear- awesome times!- Both were easy and I ran a PR on the Double O-Course!) I have also eliminated soda completely. Its only been recent that i started drinking it (last 8 months), but I successfully cut it out of my diet and have 0 desire to continue drinking it. I also have eliminated starches from my diet, sticking to the veggies and as many greens as possible. I dont think the no sugar challenge was supposed to help you find a new favorite drink, but it did...im now a firm believer in the Extra Dirty Vodka Martini, up. Paleo Kits have come in handy many times in the field and my friends really like them too. I have 0 unnatural sugar in the field and have energy to last me the day.

I'm glad I could participate from a distance. Keep up the good work.

Sam, nice time with Wolverine! The situps kicked my butt on that workout.

JZuck said...

$2.00 Miller High Life Bottles
$2.50 Domestic Drafts
$4.00 Premium Drafts

Unknown said...

Mike - that's fantastic. Congrats!

Hannah said...

great job mike! numbers like that don't lie. you look amazing!

ps. i miss kit

Evan said...

Mike F.
Fan-Freakin-tastic job on the weight and blood pressure!!!
I'm not so sure I'd be jumpin up and down on the low cholesterol number. 111 is extremely low! Be careful, every cell in your body needs cholesterol to function properly!!Tons of info on the WEB..

Miranda said...

Congrats Mike, Keep up the good work, I have some dinner recipes if you need them, if you get stuck on ideas. I have tried to stick with no sugar, or limit my sugar intake since the first challenge.