Tim and Laura use their functional fitness skills out West at Arches National Park and Zion National Park.

Welcome back from your adventure!!

W.O.D. 9.3.09

Double Unders

Meth in a Can


Annie (Speal)...[wmv][mov]


I'll take anyones food images to post...with or without the tomato!

Believe in yourself and you'll always be on solid ground, no matter where you are.

Todd 13:47/??
Sam 7:09/ 400x1
Jim C. 15:05/285x3
Swine 7:10/305x3
Kevin 12:03/245x3
Dan 7:12/300x3
Tim P. 9:26/295x3
Granny 11:03/195x1
Patti 11:12 (su)/255x3


Chris P. said...

sweet pictures Laura and Tim! instead of rope climb you did chain climb...

I think we should plan a Crossfit KoP vacation. just sayin....

Patti said...

It looks beautiful there. Glad you both had a great trip. We should do a crossfit roadtrip:)

Kit said...

So in my attempt to follow the No Sugar Challenge as best as possible, i am actually doing better than i though. It will be possible to not have sugar, or rather very little sugar, even while i'm out in the field or on the range. It definitely takes some planning though. I am following the Zone principles as best as possible. Bread has been cut out of the diet to a much further extent than i ever have before. Veggies and fruit are leading the way along with lots of greens at lunch. I will say, I feel good! I really do. I've noticed my energy level is better and so is my mood.

Headed to the shore for the weekend (sorry Nikki, not VA beach). If anyone is down there and wants to do a beach WOD or something, shoot me an email.


Kit said...

wooo!! done for the day/week and headed home now...wait what am I doing wasting my time posting...see ya tomorrow

Chris P. said...

two farms are by work so I went for a visit this afternoon

The first one was Deep Springs. I missed the turn because it's literally one farm house that has a tiny white sign on the road that says "eggs --->"
When I pulled in, I didn't see any people, but there was a single refrigerator outside under an awning. There was a sign on the freezer that said "chicken" and on the fridge part that said "eggs." When I opened up the fridge, there were cartons of eggs and a sign that said "Put money in box and take eggs" next to a wooden box nailed to the inside of the fridge. They were $2.50/doz so I put a $10 in the box and took 4 doz. (These were bigger and less expensive than Costco...and also pastured eggs)

then I went to Hendricks Farm down the road where it was a more conventional store. I got a chuck roast, medium chicken, raw milk, and.....yogurt. Evan said to ask about yogurt and when I did they said "we can only sell it as pet food." I said "ok, I'll take it." They did have eggs, so I'll probably just go there (although the refrigerator was hilarious)

Good experience overall, will definitely go more often!

JZuck said...

Sounds good Chris! I might take a trip out there tomorrow. If anyone needs anything let me know.

Laura Pappas said...

Jon I'd be interested, not quite sure what we want yet though. I'm working red meat back into my diet, and I think grass-fed might actually be easier for me to digest since it will be more natural. When are you going?

evan said...

"pet Food" (with a chuckle!) Once they get to know you they won't bother with that phrase anymore. I'll explain tomorrow if your gonna be at the box.

JZuck said...

Laura, I am not sure when I will go. If work is slow tomorrow, I am going to try and leave early and make the noon WOD and then probably head out there afterwards.

Patti said...

Hey Aim my max weight was 150 3 times