2 Days of Dinner...

W.O.D. 9.4.09
150 WallBalls for time (20#/14#)

Push or Split Jerk

Older, Wiser, Slower.

"There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time."
-Malcolm X

Swine 6:44 165x1
Han 5:47 135x2
Sam 7:16
Shawn 9:18 145x1
JZ 14:50
Meg 12:15
Dan 7:33
Kevin 11:18
Gina 8:27 (10#)
Dave 13:03 (14#)
Jen S. 9:40
Lisa 6:51
Nicole 13:49
Tim P. 16:14
Laura 10:44
Jill 8:55
Chris P. 11:53/205 SJ
Kristin 11:42/75 SJ
Jeff 13:42
Cindy 8:00 (10#)
Mike F. 13:30
Jason 12:10/230# SJ
Jim 11:39
Nick 19:17 (20/14/8)
Rob 11:58
Joe A 13:39


Cindy said...

With all due respect to the author I believe my best years are ahead of me. While I may never be able to fully compete with many of the people who participate in CrossFit, every WOD is a a chance to try, and try I will! Watch out young 'uns I'm gunning for you!

Chris P. said...

Evan, any articles on raw milk? I posted on fb that I was drinking it and friends (mostly from the medical fields) were adamant about not drinking it. I'm still going to, but thought I'd read up on it more from both sides

Evan said...

Hi Chris,
Yes, The Weston Price Foundation has a ton of info. Also check out www.realmilk.com If your at the box tonight we can have a chat about all I know on the subject. Chances are your friends in the medical field have been taught conventional wisdom without the facts. I understand peoples reservations but the source you got yours from is one of the best in my opinion.

Ray said...

You go Cindy. I would rather go out in a glorious aorta blowout than die a crumpled wretch in my easy chair!

We will beat these young'uns yet!!!!


Nikki said...

Cindy- I think your best years are ahead of you too! You are very motivated and you work hard and get stronger every day! Whenever we're at a WOD together you always give me that extra push. No one is ever too old to get stronger, fitter, and improve their quality of life! Thanks for being an awesome role model for us "young uns" !!

Ray said...


The raw milk is as safe as the dairy farm it comes from. If the cows are healthy and if it is handled and stored properly and consumed in a short period of time, then it is just fine. We all take greater risks getting out of bed in the morning.

Jen S. said...

Evan - what are your thoughts on sugar substitues like Stevia and Splenda??

Evan said...

Jen, Stay far away from anything in a colored packet!!
I use the stevia on a daily basis however I don't use the Truvia brand because it has some dextrin carriers and its been modified from its more natural state. I get mine from a health store, I use the Now Brand pure stevia powder. Stevia has a Glycemic Index of 0.

Miranda said...

WOW, IT must be on vacation, because I have access AGAIN! Yes!

CrossFit West Chester is holding a Labor Day WOD at 10am on Monday if anyone is interested in going with me. Let me know. call me or text, cause I doubt I will have access later. 484-576-3938

Nikki said...

New clean & jerk PR of 125# at CF Odyssey this morning! Also did Annie with a time of 8:45. Didn't have DBs for my feet and touched hands to floor behind head and by feet each time. Now to the runners expo to get my number, then heading to the beach!

Jeff said...

Today's article is just another example of "Scale the workout to what you can do to get the best effect for yourself, given your age and state of fitness." In the absence of aneurysms, bulging disks, exploding eyeballs or other horrible medical stuff, I will just have to continue to try my hardest, compete as best I can, and trust that I would rather keep my body fit thru vigorous exercise and good eating than waste away by doing nothing and eating crap. Also, I have a real problem with believing the doctor who said that "extreme exercise" will lead to increased risk of cancer since it's the same guy who created the aerobics craze - if you exhaust yourself you increase the risk of injury and lower your resistance to infection no matter how old you are. Rest and recovery are important to all athletes regardless of age.

You young folks will just have to keep an eye out for us older people as we continue to kick ass. And now, it's time to get some burpees (40 of'em!) - 3,2,1, go!

Nicole said...

YEAH watch out young 'uns!! The Handlers are coming to get you!!! :)

Where is that tomato???

Aimee Lyons said...

Nicole...just posted, find that tomato!