Joe A. and his 12' wall balls!!!
Record numbers today!!!

W.O.D. 9.30.09

from our friends at CrossFit Santa Cruz Central
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
200m run
21 KBS
12 Pull ups
400M run
75 wall balls
400m run
12 pull ups
21 KBS
200m run
15 squat
10 push ups
5 pull ups

"GOMAD", CrossFit Eastside - video [wmv] [mov]

Don't compromise yourself,
you're all you've got.
-Janis Joplin

Sam 12:58
Tim P. 13:18
Swine 14:37
Aimee 14:38
Granny 15:38
Dan 16:42
Laura 17:50
Kevin 19:03
Meg 19:11
Tom 20:09
Dave 24:23
Mike F. 21:54
Katie 17:32
Trisha 19:24
Steph V. 23:51
Jim C. 25:43
Chris P. 15:30
Miranda 23:10
Kelly 20:38
Han 23:06
Jeff 17:26
Tom 18:40
Jerry 18:17
Chris S. 21:30
Gina 21:08
Joe A. 26:10
Mike H. 16:56
Jason 16:42
Sam B. 17:32
Jill 20:47
Mike B. 19:03
Charlie 29:38


Ray said...

CrossFit buffet for lunch I see.

Anonymous said...

omg I can't wait to do this wod!

Jen S. said...

i'm so mad i'm missing this workout! i hate being away from the box!! waah!

Chris P. said...

I'll only do it if it's grassfed wall ball

Anonymous said...

Te adoro la quota mia amigita.
Te amo. tu mami...

Anonymous said...

Hannah thanks for pushing me on those runs... I needed it!! My heart rate was still not back to normal when I got home :)

Hannah said...

i hear you on those runs, not my favorite thing to do...i've been at it for over a year, everyday it gets a little bit easier! keep at it!! :)